E-Learning with SHORE® - For Improved Learning Processes

In the field of digital learning, it is particularly important that content is prepared in a user-centered manner to avoid participants feeling overwhelmed or bored.
Unfamiliar subject areas can raise comprehension and queries. If, on the other hand, the content is defined too low-level, attention suffers.

Our vision: The learning program recognizes in real time that the learning content is currently causing problems or that the user is distracted.

By analyzing and evaluating user reactions in parallel, learning content that is not understood can be repeated automatically, help can be offered, or individual program points can be skipped.
By using an avatar, the learning program can communicate directly and individually with the user and respond personally to his or her reactions.

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The Performance of SHORE® at a glance

Privacy by Design

SHORE® was tested on an exemplary camera platform by the neutral evaluation center ePrivacy GmbH and has been awarded the seal of approval for the period from 2015 to 2023. If you want to integrate SHORE® into your product, you can apply for re-certification by an independent evaluation center.