Affective Computing

We make technology empathetic by developing science-based emotion detection software, putting users' privacy rights at the center.
Our AI-based solutions operate reliably and robustly under variable environmental conditions, bringing affective computing to the application.

By combining technical expertise with know-how in physiology and psychology, we enable our customers to gain a competitive advantage:
Technology that is intelligently tailored to the emotional needs of its users. In this way, we lay the foundation for acceptance and trust in complex human-technology interactions of the future.


Affective Computing – from Data to Analysis

Data is the basis for AI-based algorithms.

Therefore, we attach great importance to the selection and creation of our databases: starting with scientifically sound study designs, to the selection of measurement modalities, to the balanced composition of subjects, we conduct studies for data acquisition in our laboratories.

Based on this data, our AI experts train algorithms for the classification of emotional states, evaluate different approaches and implement the algorithms in product-ready software.

Combining our expertise in subject studies, image processing, multimodal data fusion and software development, we offer competencies along the entire development process. Combined with our domain knowledge in psychology, we offer a comprehensive understanding of our clients' target groups. In doing so, we take into account the highest standards of data protection.

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Our services in the field of imaging and analysis


Facial Analysis Solutions

SHORE® – Face Detection Software - Empathy for your Technology

Optimize your products, ads, commercials, your new game, your e-learning units or user interfaces with our SHORE® software for real-time facial recognition and emotion analysis.


Subject studies

Correctly interpeting
unconscious reactions

For the implicit analysis of customer, user and patient reactions, we conduct subject studies as an R&D service.


Emotion AI

Multimodal Emotion Analysis

For comprehensive analysis of unconscious customer reactions, we develop Emotion AI by fusing multimodal data.


Driver Monitoring Systems

Multimodal Analysis for In Cabin Sensing: more Safety and Comfort while driving

News & Research Topics

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Comprehensible Artificial Intelligence

How can the results arrived at by deep neural networks (DNNs) and the hidden logic they employ be rendered more intelligible and explicable?

In the Comprehensible AI (CAI) project group, we are developing methods for explainable machine learning in cooperation with Fraunhofer IIS and the University of Bamberg.