Detection and analysis of psycho-physiological reactions

Unconscious physical and emotional reactions – the challenge

Certain stimuli, such as images and sensory stimuli, e.g. smells, trigger emotions and psycho-physiological reactions in humans. This has a great influence on how we perceive our environment and products and how we interact with them.
However, these unconscious reactions are difficult to detect and interpret. Surveys, e.g. in consumer research, often rely on conscious statements - not on the analysis of unconscious reactions of human physiology. Also, temporal attribution of the emotional response to the particular stimulus is poorly possible in these surveys.

Analysis of psycho-physiological reactions

Unconscious consumer reactions can be investigated with a topic-based survey:
Complex data analysis using AI algorithms, among others, and data fusion of various input parameters allow us to create a comprehensive picture of the subjects' affective state.

  • Physiological responses - captured by various biosignals (e.g. ECG, EEG)
  • Behavior - analyzed by video and audio signals (e.g., facial expressions, eye tracking)
  • Subjective experience - recorded by means of questionnaires

In addition, we offer a comprehensive topic-related study with a focus on the individual goals and requirements of our customers.

Subject Studies


The specific requirements of our customers determine the study design and the use of different modalities.

Probandenstudie gaze drive

Video signals

  • RGB
  • Infrared
  • Eye Tracking: fixation time, eye movement, pupil diameter, blink rate, …
  • Thermal camera

  • HR
  • HRV with ECG
  • ECG (electrocardiography): measurement of the electrical activity of the heart
  • EGG (electrogastrography): gastric and intestinal activities
  • EMG (electromyography): muscle activity
  • PPG (photoplethysmography): optical heart rate measurement
  • EDA (electrodermal activity): skin conductivity (increases under stress)
  • Skin temperature
  • EEG (electroencephalography): electrical activity of the brain
  • Respiration

Behavioral parameters

  • Camera-assisted
    facial expression analysis

Conscious experience

  • Questionnaires

We have a well-developed network of scientific partners to provide additional modalities.


Your advantages at a glance

We help you to better understand your customers or patients and to comprehensively visualize their unconscious reactions and emotional states.

Use our know-how and our targeted study design to optimize your product or improve diagnostics in therapy.

  • We select the modalities in close consultation with you to guarantee an individual study model.
  • We offer you absolute transparency: With us you do not receive a "black box", but the complete data set including analysis.
  • We are an independent research institute with flexible network structures and in-house capacities.

What we offer

  • Subject studies to assess psychophysiological response.
  • Comparative studies to evaluate technologies, e.g., driver condition recognition systems
  • Development and licensing of balanced databases for AI-based training

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