Center for Sensor Technology and Digital Medicine

How can healthcare be made more efficient with the help of sensors and digital solutions? And how can novel medical technologies be integrated into innovative care solutions?

In order to guarantee health care for every individual and make the health care system sustainable for the future, the "Center for Sensor Technology and Digital Medicine" of Fraunhofer IIS is being established in Erlangen in close cooperation with the University Hospital Erlangen and the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.

Patient-specific therapy approaches, digital health applications, medical diagnostics using medical-grade wearables, and robotic systems for nursing care form the foundation for future-proof standard medical care and are to be developed, integrated, and clinically evaluated at the "Center for Sensor Technology and Digital Medicine" at Fraunhofer IIS.

The Fraunhofer IIS premises at Krankenhaustraße 12 of the University Hospital Erlangen comprise a unique infrastructure and reference systems for the development, integration and validation of novel health technologies in the clinical environment. Specially equipped laboratories offer interested companies the opportunity for technological advancements as well as their independent testing and implementation.

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We address highly relevant medical disciplines

We focus on the following research fields

  • Gait studies and algorithms for motion analysis with focus on Parkinson's disease patients (Motion Lab)
  • Studies and clinical grade wearables for cardiovascular risk patients (Cardiology Lab)
  • Acquisition and AI-based analysis of psycho-physiological data (Psycho-Physiology Lab)
  • Digital study, patient and data management (Medical Data Lab)

In the course of the close cooperation between Fraunhofer IIS, the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, and the University Hospital Erlangen, further focal points will be added.