Digital Health Systems


Digital Health Systems

Development partner for personalized medical engineering

Research and development services from a single source - we are the contact partner for you!

Not only do we adapt and license existing algorithms and technologies in existing systems; on request we can also provide application- and customer-specific implementation of R&D services (e.g. requirements analysis, system specification, prototype design, pilot production, test series). We would be happy to carry out complete system development for you and support you from the first steps through to product certification.

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Modular pilot plant for the automated production of novel therapeutics and vaccines

Fraunhofer relies on Automation Technologies in Medical Research

As a pioneer in applied research, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft brings together the expertise of 23 separate Fraunhofer facilities to develop new development and production technologies for innovative cell and gene therapeutics, as well as vaccines, in the “Production for Intelligent Medicine” innovation cluster. As a first step of the project, a concept for a modular pilot plant for the automatic production of these therapeutics is to be developed combining both Industry 4.0 and Health 4.0.


Press release

PathoScan Project

Modular AI solution makes daily routine work easier, examining tissue samples for quality defects before they are loaded for scanning and sorting them out if necessary.


March 24, 2020 at Norgine, Wettenberg

Specialist press conference "Colon cancer screening: the future has begun"

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in gastroenterology with a lecture via video conference by Dr. Wittenberg on the subject of "Digitized detection and diagnosis: intelligent colonoscopy"


Hot Topics


Smart Textiles

  • FitnessSHIRT – Measuring Vital Signs in Real Time
  • Mobile Textile-based Multichannel ECG: CardioTEXTIL
  • Mobile Performance Diagnostics with ELECSA® 

Validation of Wearables



Digital Endoscopy

  • Semantic video analysis for endoscopy and surgery
  • Virtually expanded field of view rather than a “keyhole view”
  • Real-time detection of polyps and lesions during the colonoscopy procedure
  • Real-time identification and classification of surgical instruments

Digital Microscopy

  • Image analysis for life sciences, pharmacology and digital pathology
  • iSTIX® – Manual Whole Slide Imaging

Integrated healthcare for telemedicine applications

  • Generic telemedicine platform, the Digital Patient Manager (DPM) 
  • Mobile Health Lab Bamberg and Digital Health Application Center

Interoperability standards and standards-compliant test concepts

  • Standardized medical communication protocolls for better interoperability
  • Standards-compliant software development for medical solutions of highest precision


Uniting synergies under one roof


Business Unit

Medical Sensors and Analytics


  • Intelligent sensor modules and algorithms for capturing and analysis of psycho-physiological signals
  • Validation and characterization of wearables
  • Development of control systems for in-vitro diagnostic systems

Business Unit

Communication and Integrated Care

  • Development of customer-specific communication solutions
  • Technologies and services to validate interoperability
  • Standards-compliant software development

Business Unit

Medical Image Analysis

  • Algorithms and systems for microscopy
  • Semantic video analysis for endoscopy and surgery
  • Training systems and simulators

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