Clinical Trial Management System – DPM.research

Management system for clinical trials: Prepare study contents safely and easily with »DPM.research«

What is the optimal way to connect participants, treating physicians and researchers across all phases of a study, and how can results be effectively prepared while ensuring controlled access?

The »DPM.research« clinical trial management system facilitates easy, web-based connectivity between research networks, clinical study centers and coordinating centers while providing maximum data security. The analysis and storage of the study contents (clinical scales, gait parameters, PROMs) are performed in real-time on a server that can be operated either internally or externally. The eCRF system »DPM.research« can run directly as a complete docker container in any clinic's or hospital's own IT infrastructure.

Participation in clinical studies has never been as easy or as safe as with the »DPM.research« eCRF system: The data is collected directly from the patient with the help of an app, GDPR-compliant and in medical quality, along with the connection of various wearables depending on the use case

»DPM.research« evolved from the Mobile Health Lab’s Digital Patient Manager and is already being used in several clinical studies.


Advantages of the »DPM.research« clinical trial management system

DPM.research – Key features

A smooth automated exchange of information between all people involved in a study is essential to effectivly evaluate study goals and measures. The data acquired must be stored and processed in accordance with the highest data protection standards.

The advantages of the eCRF-system »DPM.research« in brief:

  • Web application for faster connectivity
  • Data exchange with external patient app, gait analysis system as well as data integration from wearables possible
  • Role management and multitenancy support
    • User accounts for study staff
    • Role-based restrictions possible, e.g. read-only access
    • Audit trails – traceability of input and output of data and data changes
  • Modeling of study protocol
    • Recording and managing of patients and patient characteristics
    • Modeling of a patient’s progress within a study
    • Study-relevant visits, assessments and questionnaires
    • Many standardized questionnaires available
  • Data platform based on HL7® FHIR® standard
  • Storage of recorded assessments, questionnaires and calculated gait parameters using FHIR®
  • Storage of raw sensor data
  • Additional sensor systems can be integrated
  • Data preparation
    • Visualizations of progress of recorded gait parameters over time
    • Exporting of existing data records for scientific evaluation
    • Reports about study progress and existing data records
    • Immediate quality control possible by study staff

Sample projects with the »DPM.research« clincial trial management system


Clinical study


Study on the rehabilitation of patients with paralysis syndromes after a stroke or paraplegia with the aim of optimal outpatient care to maintain mobility


Clinical study


Verification of sensor-based gait analysis of patients with multiple sclerosis as an effective instrument, with the goal of using gait analysis in their everyday lives based on »DPM.research«


Clinical study


The objective of the CARNA clinical study is to investigate whether the use of a mobile patient app in the home environment leads to a positive care effect in patients with heart failure (according to Germany's Digital Care Act, DVG).

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