MSgoesHome – Sensor-based gait analysis of MS patients

Mobility monitoring of multiple sclerosis patients in their domestic environment

Using the »DPM.research« eCRF system with multiple sclerosis patients


The goal of the MSgoesHome clinical study is to investigate whether the continuous sensor-based gait analysis of MS patients in their domestic environment can be employed as a valid patient examination technique for determining tailored therapy options and for objectively establishing the degree of disability and the prognosis of the disease progression.




Mobile gait monitoring from home and continous therapy control using DPM.research
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Multiple sclerosis has many faces: the symptoms are too unspecific and too various for a single form of therapy to be determined. And there is no single test that is able to predict the progression of multiple sclerosis unambiguously and reliably. However, frequently restrictions in mobility or ability to walk occur, which affect the everyday life of people suffering from multiple sclerosis.

Until now, gait analysis of multiple sclerosis patients has been limited to annual checkups. There has been no continuous monitoring of patients’ mobility in their everyday lives.

This is where the MSgoesHome study comes in

  • With the aid of wearable sensor technology, the gait parameters of MS patients are recorded in daily situations (24/7 real-life measurement) and compared against the scores of clinical disability scales (e.g. EDSS).
  • The study is designed to indicate whether mobile gait home monitoring can be used as a valid patient examination tool to evaluate multiple sclerosis and predict the disease progression.


Digital long-term monitoring of multiple sclerosis patients

Digital long-term monitoring of multiple sclerosis patients with DPM.research
© Fraunhofer IIS
  • Automated data collection and preparation based on DPM.research clinical trial management system
  • Activity tracker for the sensor-based, continuous recording of data
  • Evaluation of therapy measures using PatientConcept app for therapy control

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