Communication and Integrated Care

Solutions for Integrated Healthcare and Interoperability

Digital solutions for tomorrow's medicine

At Communication and Integrated Care, we work to network healthcare providers across all sectors, to advance digitization in medical technology and to create decentralized medical communication infrastructures.

Our portfolio includes the development of

  • Integrative supply concepts
  • Telemedical communication solutions
  • Standardized interfaces for interoperable implementation


Patient-centered Health Care

Communication and Integrated Care includes: Mobile Health Lab Bamberg, the Digital Medical Application Center (DMAC) and the Medical Communication and Biosignal Processing Research Group.


Interoperability standards

Interoperability standards for point-of-care devices


Standards-compliant software development

Standards-compliant test concepts and services including IEC 62304


Mobile Health Lab Bamberg

Digital patient manager for telemedicine applications


Digital Health Application Center

Accelerator for eHealth companies and one-stop-shop for clinical studies

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Engineering. Imaging. Sensors. Analysis.

Current and finished Products and Projects

Development partner for personalized medical engineering

Research and development services from a single source