Your development partner for medical image analysis

Besides licensing and adapting existing algorithms, we can also provide you with application- and customer-specific solutions from the fields of microscopy and endoscopy. With a focus on real-time capable image analysis techniques and microscopy as well as scanning systems, we support you from the very first step right through to the overall system design in the areas of

  • Medical image processing
  • Computer-assisted diagnosis support
  • Computer-aided microscopy
  • Digital pathology 

Machine learning helps contain the flood of data

Our researchers are experts in standard methods of machine learning and image analysis as well as today’s often superior “deep learning” methods, and have many years of experience in the development of applications for computer-assisted diagnosis support.

In particular, the ability to build up and curate standardized, structured and annotated image and signal databases for the training and evaluation of learning methods is critically important for the success of such systems. A modular software kit with tools for data annotation, training and optimizing techniques, and integration into applications enables the swift implementation of a customized data processing chain, from analysis through to the visualization of results.

This is what we have to offer:

  • Deep learning and convolutional neural networks (design, training and optimization)
  • Classic, transparent methods (e.g. KNN, decision trees, SVM)
  • Extraction and standardization of characteristics from data records (1D, 2D, 3D)
  • Standardized processes and protocols for valid sampling
  • Statistical evaluation and analysis

Pharma Services

Research and development in quantitative bio image analysis, specifically in microscopy and endoscopy.



Digital Microscopy

Image analysis for life sciences, pharmacology and digital pathology


Digital Endoscopy

Semantic video analysis for endoscopy and surgery


Virtual Surgical Simulator

See. Feel. Train.



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