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Manual Whole Slide Imaging – Scanning Made Simple and Affordable

Medical Image Analysis

Photo: Image Analysis for Microscopy in Life Sciences and Digital Pathology

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Medical Image Analysis

Photo: Semantic Video Analysis for Endoscopy and Surgery

more info – Virtual Immersive Surgical Simulator
© Fraunhofer IIS is a surgical simulator that addresses all senses. The training is carried out with individualized 3D models segmented from real CT data.

Medical Image Analysis

Photo: Virtual Training for the Surgery –

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Software based Image Analysis and Enhancement

Our focus are the domains of

  • Microscopy, in particular Digital Pathology and Fluorescence Microscopy
  • and Endoscopy, especially panorama creation and detection of objects and pathologies (e.g. polyps)

We have know-how in image processing and analysis

  • using “classical” algorithms that are often fast and only require limited sample data
  • and using Deep Learning which frequently yields superior results, but demands a lot of training data

We develop Systems and Software

  • for Windows, Linux, Mac or iPhone
  • as standalone applications or integrable libraries

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Digital Pathology – an AI project by Fraunhofer IIS and Erlangen University Hospital (Interview: Volker Bruns Fraunhofer IIS, Prof. Dr. med. Arndt Hartmann Universitätsklinikum Erlangen, Dr. med. Carol-Immanuel Geppert Universitätsklinikum Erlangen)


Digital Microscopy

Image analysis for life sciences, pharmacology and digital pathology


Digital Endoscopy

Semantic video analysis for endoscopy and surgery


Your Development Partner for Medical Image Analysis


Talk to us – together we will find a solution for your medical image processing challenge:  -> Please send an email if you are interested


Live Event Recording

Pathology Research in
GI Histopathology

PreciPOINT, Fraunhofer IIS

Recording of the BVM workshop 2021

Robust Slide
Cartography in Colon Cancer Histology

Evaluation on a Multi-scanner Database

ParasiteWeb - Demo platform

The online tool for training and quality control of parasite microscopy

Exhibitions and Events


8th Emirates Pathology & Digital Pathology Utilitarian Conference

Theme 8th EPUCG2021: Where pathologists meet innovation & technology for a better outcome

Meet Volker Bruns, group manager at Fraunhofer IIS virtually on August 10-11, 2021: 

AI in GI pathology - Deep tissue cartography, tumor budding and more


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Engineering. Imaging. Sensors. Analysis.

Current and finished Products and Projects

Development partner for personalized medical engineering

Research and development services from a single source