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Smart Colonoscopy

Real-time detection of polyps and lesions during the colonoscopy procedure


Smart Endoscopy

Our Project "Deep Colonoscopy"

Image-based detection, classification and documentation of polyps using artificial intelligence


Panorama Endoscopy

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Virtually expanded field of view rather than a “keyhole view”


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Specialist press conference "Colon cancer screening: the future has begun"

March 24, 2020 at Norgine, Wettenberg

Dr. Wittenberg on the subject of "Digitized detection and diagnosis: intelligent colonoscopy":

An "additional eye" can potentially help gastroenterologists during the examination to detect even the smallest abnormalities in the intestine.

"The system analyzes the live video images, identifies suspicious spots and displays this on the monitor,"
explains Dr. Thomas Wittenberg from the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS in Erlangen. Even the smallest polyps and adenomas could be detected in the future.

“AI offers enormous potential for making early detection even more effective. The human eye can get tired and possibly overlook something - the AI ​​can work around the clock with constant attention,"
summarizes Dr. Wittenberg. However, the doctor ultimately decides whether a suspicious area needs to be removed.

("Colon cancer screening: the future has begun. Norgine GmbH press conference, video conference on March 27th, 2020")

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