Semantic video analysis for endoscopy and surgery

Intelligent image analysis in endoscopy enhances diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities, providing real-time support during examinations. Our team is dedicated to developing algorithms and techniques for automated detection and diagnosis assistance in gastroenterology. We also focus on panoramic endoscopy as well as mapping of the stomach and intestines, aiming to facilitate the documentation of endoscopic procedures and improve the detection of abnormalities.

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Smart Colonoscopy

Real-time detection of polyps and lesions during the colonoscopy procedure


Panorama Endoscopy

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Virtually expanded field of view rather than a “keyhole view”


Project "Deep Colonoscopy"

Smart Endoscopy

Image-based detection, classification and documentation of polyps using artificial intelligence


Image Optimization for Fiber Endoscopes

The software automatically adapts to most combinations of commonly used endoscopes and suitable digital camera modules.

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