Jobs and Career

What you should be aware of!

Your application is the first impression our departments receive from you. Therefore, we advise you to prepare an application which complies with your personal profile. An accurate and clearly arranged application boosts your chance of calling departments' attention to you.

We need the following information/documents from you to accept and process your application which can, of course, be sent by e-mail:

Covering letter

Please, take some time for your covering letter, as we would like to know, why you decided to apply for a job at the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS and what you expect from us. Please inform us also about the period you wish to work for us and which departments/fields of activity you are interested in.

Curriculum Vitae

Please send us a CV giving information about your person, education, professional experience and even about your leisure activities, interests and personal projects. Please do not forget your address and telephone number/e-mail address. To avoid misunderstandings we advise you (especially international applicants) to clearly indicate your first name and last name and to let us know if we may address you as Mrs or Mr.
  • If applicable, a survey of your most important publications
  • A copy of your last job reference or examination certificate
  • Hardware and software knowledge 
    Informal list of computer languages, systems, programs etc., you are proficient in
  • Foreign language skills
  • Miscellaneous interests, knowledge and skills, where applicable a survey of all practical experience you gained alongside school/university
We ask for your understanding that we only process and forward complete application documents. It is understood that we keep your personal data in confidence and merely store it in our system for staff selection reasons.