Application tips

What you should bear in mind:

Your application is the first impression that you will make, so we recommend creating one that adequately communicates your personal profile. A clear and carefully prepared application improves your chances of being noticed by the departments.

So that we can accept and process your application, we require the following information/documents from you. Please also feel free to send us these by email:

Application cover letter

Please invest time in your cover letter, as this is your chance to tell us why you have chosen a job at the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS and what expectations you have of us. Please also let us know how long you would like to work for us and which departments/focal areas are of particular interest to you.


Please send us a CV stating your personal details, along with information about your education, professional experience, and special knowledge and skills (e.g. hardware and software skills, foreign language skills), as well as your hobbies, interests, and personal projects. Please don’t forget to include your current address and phone number/email address. To avoid misunderstandings, we ask that your clearly indicate which is your first name and surname, especially in the case of international applicants. Please also indicate whether we should address you as Mr. or Ms.

Evidence of your educational and professional history

This includes a copy of your latest references and examination certificates (or statements of results), as well as an overview of your key publications, where applicable.

Please note that we can only process and pass on complete sets of application documents. We will of course only store your personal details on our system for the purpose of personnel selection and will treat these as strictly confidential.