Proof of concept - 5 years of research in 5 minutes

Decemberr 21, 2021 | The video shows the technologies and solutions developed in the project using an exemplary production and logistics process.

In our ten-part magazine series, we presented you with results from the five-year research project. You can discover the interaction and many other results in our summary of the demonstration setup at the L.I.N.K. Test and Application Center of Fraunhofer IIS – with the interactive hidden object picture "Application of Industry 4.0". It uses our exemplary production process to show technological solutions that are easy to integrate, flexible, and easy to enhance. And you will get to know the accompanying level from an organizational, management, technology point of view, which SMEs must consider for a successful digital transformation. We hope you enjoy watching the video as well as clicking through and discovering the hidden object picture!

Proof of concept - 5 years of research in 5 minutes

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The project

The research work was funded by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy as part of the project "Technologies and Solutions for Digitalized Value Creation". Within the BAYERN DIGITAL initiative, it is part of the Digital Production thematic platform.

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