Management of the Institute



Prof. Dr. Albert Heuberger

Executive director of Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS in Erlangen


Dr. Bernhard Grill

Director with focus on Audio and Media Technologies of Fraunhofer IIS


Prof. Dr. Alexander Martin

Fraunhofer IIS director, responsible for the Positioning and Networks as well as the Supply Chain Services research areas

Deputy Directors


Prof. Dr. Randolf Hanke

Deputy director of Fraunhofer IIS and head of the division Development Center X-ray Technology in Fürth

Dr. Peter Dittrich

Deputy director and senior director of administration, legal affairs, finances and human resources of Fraunhofer IIS

Advisor to the Institute Management

Jan Plogsties

Contact Press / Media

Jan Plogsties

Strategic advisor to the executive director

Fraunhofer IIS
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91058 Erlangen, Germany

Phone +49 9131 776-1021

Fax +49 9131 776-1099