Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize 2018: New Dimension of X-ray Analysis

© Kurt Fuchs / Fraunhofer

Dr. Michael Böhnel, Nils Reims, Michael Salamon (from the left)

Researchers at Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS succeeded in scanning objects as massive as freight containers, and analyzing them with three-dimensional images. As an X-ray source, the researchers use a linear accelerator with nine mega-electron volts (MeV) and combine it with an X-ray camera that works with a sensitive length of four meters and 10,000 pixels. For the first time, objects with a diameter of 3.20 meters and a height of five meters can be recorded with three-dimensional X-rays – special technology in which a large object is recorded in parts also allows the scanning of even larger objects. This makes the system the currently largest CT system in the world.

The objects are rotated on a heavy duty turntable. The camera and the radiation source scan the object synchronously in vertical motion, line by line. Due to the rotation of the turntable, the camera records many viewing angles, thereby creating the basis for the three-dimensional representation.

The Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize 2018 went to Michael Salamon, Nils Reims, and Dr. Michael Böhnel for the development of XXL computed tomography. This is the sixth time in a row that Fraunhofer IIS was honored with the prize.

Innovation laboratory JOSEPHS® receives 2017 »365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas« award

© Deutschland – Land der Ideen/Bernd Brundert

Project manager Dr. Frank Danzinger at the award ceremony of the »365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas« competition.

“Keeping an open mind – to give new ideas the room to unfold” is the 2017 theme of the „365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas” competition. The open innovation laboratory JOSEPHS® has been rated among the top 100 projects of about 1000 submissions. At JOSEPHS®, visitors can actively participate in the development and implementation of products. JOSEPHS® harnesses the potential openness has to offer and “makes an outstanding contribution to the innovative power and sustainability of Germany”, the jury explains its decision.

Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize 2017: Telephone calls as clear as a bell

© Piotr Banczerowski / Fraunhofer

Awarded with the Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize: Markus Multrus, Guillaume Fuchs and Stefan Döhla (left to right).

Smartphones are perfect all-rounders, but their poor voice quality is still a vexing issue. The new Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) standard promises a step change comparable with the transition from analog CRT to digital flat-screen TVs. Instead of sounding muffled and distorted, the caller’s voice is as clear and natural as in a face-to-face conversation.

One of this year’s Joseph von Fraunhofer Prizes went to Dipl.-Ing. Markus Multrus, Dr. Guillaume Fuchs and Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Döhla for the development of the EVS codec. They accepted the prize on behalf of the 50-strong team of researchers and engineers who worked on this project. The jury’s decision was based among other things on “the codec’s worldwide user base and its potential to generate substantial license-fee revenues.”

Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize 2016: Digital Radio for the World

© Fraunhofer/Dirk Mahler

Alexander Zink, Martin Speitel and Max Neuendorf (from the left)

Digital radio makes spherics and crackling interference in radio broadcast a thing of the past. New technologies from Fraunhofer IIS make it possible for digital radio to replace analogue short and medium wave broadcasting around the world. Even local FM transmissions are being converted to digital. As a result, Digital radio listeners benefit from clear reception, a wider range of programming, and additional information via data services without having to pay for a costly Internet connection.

Alexander Zink, Martin Speitel, Max Neuendorf and the entire development team accepted the Joseph-von-Fraunhofer Prize 2016 for developing the foundations of digital radio and its continuation to market roll-out. The jury recognized „the steady advancement of fundamental technologies and standards established in this area. For several years, Fraunhofer IIS has been able to make progress and develop groundbreaking technologies for digital radio.“

Director Albert Heuberger honored with the Network Award »Together we are strong« 2016

© Fraunhofer IIS/Karoline Glasow

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Albert Heuberger, executive director

The network award »Together we are strong« is awarded to institutions or persons from the Nürnberg Metropolitan Region who demonstrated outstanding commitment to the region. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Albert Heuberger, executive director at Fraunhofer IIS, was honored with the award in 2016.


Mp3 inventors awarded with esteemed Eduard Rhein Award 2015

The Eduard Rhein Foundation has selected Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Karlheinz Brandenburg, Dr. Bernhard Grill, and Prof. Dr. Jürgen Herre to receive the 2015 Technology Award of the Eduard Rhein Foundation on October 17 for their significant contributions to the development and implementation of mp3. The audio coding standard forever changed the world of music with its ability to allow music lovers to save their entire music library on a device as small as a matchbox for the very first time.

More about the Technology Award of the Eduard Rhein Foundation

Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize for Cingo® und Symphoria®

Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Preis 2015, © Fraunhofer/Dirk Maher
© Fraunhofer/Dirk Maher

Left to right: Developed by Harald Popp, Oliver Hellmuth and Jan Plogsties

Optimum playback of digitized music requires superior software solutions. The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS has developed intelligent algorithms known as Cingo® and Symphoria® that produce a natural and immersive 3D audio experience. So you get to feel like you’re at a live concert – even when you’re actually listening on a mobile device or in the car.

For the development and market launch of Cingo® and Symphoria®, Oliver Hellmuth, Jan Plogsties and Harald Popp are recipients of the 2015 Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize.

Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize for easyDCP software

Dr.-Ing. Siegfried Foessel and Heiko Sparenberg developed a software for creating digital cinema packages.

nstead of heavy rolls of film, digital film copies are sent to movie theaters these days. With the easyDCP software, these digital packages can be easily created in the required standard so that the digital film can run in any theater.

For their work on the topic “Digital cinema conquers the world – software for creating digital cinema packages enables digital cinema’s breakthrough” Dipl.-Inf. Heiko Sparenberg and Dr.-Ing. Siegfried Foessel received this year’s Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize.

Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize for 3D Hall sensor

Honoring the development of the magnetic field sensor 3D Hall sensor, Michael Hackner, Dr.-Ing. Hans-Peter Hohe and Dr.-Ing. Markus Stahl-Offergeld of Fraunhofer IIS received the Joseph von Fraunhofer Price 2013. This prize has been awarded by the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft every year since 1978 in recognition of outstanding scientific work by members of its staff leading to the solution of applicationoriented problems. Over 200 researchers have meanwhile seen their work honored with this prize, which is now valued at 50,000 euros. The award ceremony took place in Hannover on 10th of June 2013.

embedded world 2013: special award for maintenancefree, self-powered wireless multi-hop sensor network

On February 26, 2013, the Fraunhofer IIS was honored with the embedded world 2013 special award. The combination of two application-oriented technologies allowed the development of a unique, stateof-the-art innovation: a maintenance-free, self-powered wireless multi-hop sensor network.
One of the underlying technologies is the s-net® wireless protocol stack, which requires only a tiny amount of energy to initialize and operate a wireless multihop sensor network. The innovation however also relies on highly-efficient Fraunhofer IIS power management circuits for harvesting energy, thus eliminating batteries and thereby the need to charge and replace them.
Together, these two developments enable the implementation of large-scale, distributed and maintenance-free sensor networks, paving the way for costeffective Internet of Things applications.

Fraunhofer EAS Receives Award from Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology at CeBIT Trade Fair


Foto: BMWi/Fender

On March 1st, 2011, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology announced the winners of the 50-million-euro technology competition on cloud computing. Fraunhofer IIS in Dresden is one of the winners as partner in the Cloud4E project. Twelve projects out of 116 proposals have been selected for advancement.

HD Camera with Integrated DVB-T Transmitter Wins Embedded AWARD 2011

embedded award

In March 2011 the Fraunhofer HDTV camera with integrated DVB-T transmitter for wireless transmission of video content has been awarded the embedded AWARD 2011.


Innovation Prize in Medical Engineering: Bone Marrow Research Project Selected Winner

The Fraunhofer research project Automated Morphological Analysis of Bone Marrow Specimens for Leukemia Diagnostics received an award from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the 2010 Innovation Competition in Medical Engineering. Project aim is to develop an automated microscope that allows standardized classification of bone marrow smears.

METEAN – Chosen Landmark in the Land of Ideas 2008

The Fraunhofer “Personal Health” Innovation Cluster serves as primary liaison between partners from the areas medical technology, clinic, research, and services. The partners cooperate with broad interdisciplinary interest to develop applications and services for personal health assistant systems. As key cluster project, the Medical Technology Test and Demonstration Center METEAN received the Chosen Landmark in the Land of Ideas award.

Dr. Randolf Hanke honored with Max Grundig Memorial Award 2008

© Presseamt Stadt Fürth

»Max-Grundig-Gedächtnispreis auf dem Gebiet der Erforschung neuer Materialien und Verfahren« an Dr. Randolf Hanke (2. v.l.) v.l.: Prof. Heinz Gerhäuser, Dr. Randolf Hanke, Prof. Robert F. Singer, Geschäftsführer Neue Materialien Fürth, und Dr. Thomas Jung , Oberbürgermeister von Fürth.

On May 9, 2008, Dr. Randolf Hanke (2.f.l.), director of the Fraunhofer Development Center for X-Ray Technology EZRT in Fürth was honored with the 10-thousand-euro Max Grundig Memorial Award in the Field of Research of New Materials and Processes by the Max Grundig Foundation.

Systems-on-Chip First Place Win in FIT-IT 2007 Competition 2007


(C) fotodienst/Anna Rauchenberger - Wien 16.01.2007 - Prämierung der besten FIT-IT-Projekteinreichungen 2006. v.l.: Dr. Johannes Sturm, Infineon Austria Prof. Wolfgang Pribyl, TU Graz Karsten Einwich, FhG Fraunhofer IIS/EAS Toni Innauer, österr. Spitzensportler, Preisverleihung

The prize is awarded to the BEYOND project, a cooperation of Infineon Austria, Graz University of Technology and Fraunhofer IIS in January 2007. BEYOND’s goal is to develop a highly innovative technology platform for new serial data bus systems.

Member of the CE Hall of Fame 2007

Hall of Fame 2007

Consumer Electronics Association, CE Hall of Fame, San Diego Kalifornien Ehrung v.l.: Prof. Karlheinz Brandenburg, Leiter Fraunhofer IDMT, Prof. Dieter Seitzer, Prof. Heinz Gerhäuser, Leiter Fraunhofer IIS 16. Oktober 2008 Foto: Fraunhofer IIS

In San Diego, CA, USA, the Consumer Electronics Association inducts Professor Karlheinz Brandenburg, Professor Dieter Seitzer, and Professor Heinz Gerhäuser (f.l.) on October 16, 2007, into their Hall of Fame. The three scientists are honored on behalf of the large team of Fraunhofer researchers and engineers that had been developing the world famous mp3 audio coding format since the early eighties.

Georg Waeber Innovation Award 2006

Georg-Waeber-Innovationspreis des Jahres 2006

Verleihung des Georg-Waeber-Innovationspreises des Förderkreises Mikroelektronik e.V. an Jürgen Hupp (r.) und Berthold Herner, CeoTronics AG. Nürnberg, 12. Oktober 2006 Foto: Fraunhofer IIS/Kurt Fuchs

In recognition of their joint achievement “development of a digital, wireless conference system for mobile applications under difficult ambient conditions”, Jürgen Hupp (r.), Fraunhofer IIS, and Berthold Herner, CeoTronics GmbH, receive the Georg Waeber Innovation Award 2006 on October 12.


Embedded Award 2004

Fraunhofer IIS has been honored at this years Embedded World with the Embedded Award 2004 for its trade show guide based on indoor navigation.

This award pays tribute to especially future-oriented products and developments in the category software.

Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize 2004

Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Preis 2004
© Fraunhofer

Eric Allamanche, Jürgen Herre und Markus Cremer (v. l.) erhielten den Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Preis 2004 für AudioID.

Honoring “AudioID – Content-based identification of audio material”, developed at Fraunhofer IIS and Fraunhofer IDMT, Eric Allamanche, Dr. Jürgen Herre, and Markus Cremer (f.l.) receive the Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize 2004 from Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft on October 20.

Georg Waeber Innovation Award 2003

Georg-Waeber-Innovationspreis 2003

Verleihung des Innovationspreises Radartachometer für den Sprort Dr. D. Ernst, Stefan Mödl (IC-Design Analog), Norbert Weber (Gruppenleiter IS-Design Analog) 20.07.2004 Quelle: IHK Nürnberg Jb 2004

Stefan Mödl (m.) and Dr. Norbert Weber (l.) receive the Georg Waeber Innovation Award 2003 from Förderkreis Mikroelektronik for their outstanding performance in the area of microelectronics, and especially the development of “velocity sensors based on the microwave Doppler-effect”, on July 14, 2004.

Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize 2001

Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Preis 2001

Preisträger des Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Preises 2001 für ISAR – intelligentes System zur automatischen Röntgenprüfung, verliehen am 24. Oktober 2001 in Mainz v. l.: Dr. Randolf Hanke, Thomas Wenzel, Dr. Ulf Haßler

On October 24, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft awards the Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize 2001 to Dr. Randolf Hanke (l.), Dr. Ulf Haßler (r.), and Thomas Wenzel (m.), honoring “ISAR – the Intelligent System for Automatic Radioscopy".

Georg Waeber Innovation Award 2001

Georg-Waeber-Innovationspreis 2001

Verleihung des Georg-Waeber-Innovationspreises 2001 an Dipl.-Ing. Gerald Ulbricht (lks.), Gruppenleiter der Hochfrequenzsysteme für Messtechnik und Infrastruktur des Fraunhofer IIS, und Dipl.-Ing. Rainer Perthold (Mitte), Geschäftsführer des Innovationszentrums für Telekommunikationstechnik IZT GmbH. Rechts Dr. Dietrich Ernst, Vorsitzender des Förderkreises Mikroelektronik, der den Preis verlieh. 13. Dezember 2002

On December 3, Rainer Perthold, IZT GmbH (m.) and Gerald Ulbricht receive the Georg Waeber Innovation Award 2001 from Förderkreis Mikroelektronik for their outstanding performance in the area of microelectronics, and especially the development of “compact transmitters for digital broadcasting".

German Future Award 2000

Deutscher Zukunftspreis 2000

Deutscher Zukunftspreis 2000 für das Audiocodierverfahren MP3 an (v.l.) Harald Popp, Prof. Karlheinz Brandenburg und Dr. Bernhard Grill, überreicht von Bundespräsident Johannes Rau (2. v. r.) Expo 2000 20.10.2000 © Deutscher Zukunftspreis/Henning Scheffen

The German Future Award 2000 for the audio coding method MP3 honors (f. l.): Harald Popp, Prof. Karlheinz Brandenburg and Dr. Bernhard Grill. The prize was awarded by the German Federal President Johannes Rau (2nd f. r.) on October 19, 2000. 


Georg Waeber Innovation Award 1999

On October 6, Martin Dietz (r.) and Otto Witte, Micronas / Intermetall (l.) receive the Georg Waeber Innovation Award 1999 from Förderkreis Mikroelektronik for their outstanding performance in the area of microelectronics, especially for programming the world's first “MP3 single-chip decoder".

Fraunhofer 50th Anniversary Award 1999

Fraunhofer-Jubiläumspreis 1999

Fraunhofer-Jubiläumspreis für das digitale Satellitenrundfunksystem entwickelt für die amerikanische Firma WorldSpace v.l.: Robert Friedrich, Stefan Meltzer und Ernst Eberlein, stellvertretend für 40 Kollegen München 27. Oktober 1999 Jb 2000, S. 110

On the occasion of their 50th anniversary, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V. honors Ernst Eberlein (r.), Robert Friedrich (l.), and Stefan Meltzer (m.) on behalf of a team of 40 scientists for their contribution to “Worldspace – digital satellite broadcasting". The Fraunhofer 50th Anniversary Award was awarded on October 27 for one of the most outstanding accomplishments of the decade.

Georg Waeber Innovation Award 1997

For their outstanding performance in the area of microelectronics, especially for their development of “new system and terminal technology for TV audience and panel research”, Dr. Roland Plankenbühler (r.) and Michael Darkow, GfK Nürnberg, (m.) receive the Georg Waeber Innovation Award 1997 from Förderkreis Mikroelektronik on June 16, 1998.

Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize 1996

On October 24, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft awards the Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize 1996 to Christian Backert (l.) and Hans Bloß (r.), honoring the development of a “digital high-speed video system".

Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize 1995

On October 26, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft awards the Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize 1995 to Stefan Rudischhauser (l.), Thomas Reichel (m.), and Thomas Desel (r.), honoring the “development of a multi-channel sensor for medicinal applications".


Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize 1994

Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Preis 1994

FhG-Preis 1994

On October 27, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft awards the Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize 1994 to Dr. Friedrich G. Böbel (l.), Dr. Norbert Bauer (m.), and Heino Möller (r.), honoring their work on “pyrometric interferometry – a new measuring system for in-situ control of coating processes".

Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize 1992

Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Preis 1992

FhG-Preis 1992 v.l.: Ernst Eberlein, Bernhard Grill, Jürgen Herre

On October 22, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft awards the Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize 1992 to Ernst Eberlein (l.), Jürgen Herre (r.), and Bernhard Grill (m.) honoring their work on “data rate reduction for the transmission and storage of digitally coded audio signals".

Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize 1991

Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Preis 1991

FhG-Preis 1991

Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize 1991 On October 24, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft awards the Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize 1991 to Hans Hauer (l.), Armin Deierling (r.), and Franz Cepl (m.), honoring their development of a “monolithic integrated single sideband transmission and receiver module for the realization of a decentralized speech and signal transmission system".