At the Hannover Messe 2021, Fraunhofer IIS will be showing precise, cognitive technologies and solutions for IoT and 5G

Hanover/Nuremberg/Erlangen: What do localization and networking have in common with the Internet of Things? Both technologies are the basis for interactive and self-sufficient Industry 4.0 processes and smart mobility applications. A self-calibrating localization system allows flexible processes, tools, driverless transport systems, assembly systems etc. set-up, re-design and adapt to new work processes easily and in real time - in the production hall as well as outdoors. Beautiful vision or reality? The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits in cooperation with the Fraunhofer CCIT Research Center IoT Comms will show how this can be achieved at Hannover Industry Trade Show 2021. For this, the localization and communication specialists will present technologies and solutions as well as a unique 5G testbed for Industry 4.0, in which companies can already realize and experience tomorrow today.

Ultra-reliable and in real time
This level of performance is of paramount importance in real-time-critical applications such as motion control, rotation control, or isolation control. In this way, UWIN technology gives added flexibility to production processes. Using a wireless connection to control remote parts of a machine allows them greater freedom of mobility, because they are no longer constrained by cables.

Smart, learning tools
The retrofit capable and intelligent sensor module for hand-held tools ensures transparency for maintenance processes and quality assurance in production. Several sensors detect both actions (e.g. tightening or loosening screws) as well as the position and sequence of the work steps. The worker receives feedback in real time about the progress of his work via an app immediately if the target process deviates. The processing chains will be trained using automatic machine learning. The entire process of training and evaluating new models is completely automated and does not require any expert knowledge

Components that think ahead
In "Structural Health Monitoring", the intelligent screw / clamp connection can make full use of its advantages. The screw connection measures the pre-tensioning force of the screw connection using a special thin layer. If this changes, the integrated mioty® radio technology automatically transmits this change to a control system. The sensor is supplied by energy harvesting technologies and is therefore completely self-sufficient from any other power supply. There is also the option of integrating the sensors into a large network (low-power wide-area network) using mioty® technology and thus also ensuring safe, robust and large-area transmission of the sensor data in environments that are demanding in terms of radio technology, such as large production facilities.

5G positioning for industry - 5G Bavaria Testbed Industry 4.0
The use of positioning technologies based on 5G / 6G is an important factor, especially for mobile applications in industry. With the 5G Bavaria test center and the test bed for Industry 4.0 in Erlangen and Nuremberg, Fraunhofer IIS offers an optimal development and test environment for 5G-based IoT technologies and applications. With many years of recognized knowledge in radio positioning, our participation in leading standardization bodies and a sophisticated infrastructure, we add significant values for fast and efficient product development.

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The 5G Bavaria Testbed Industry 4.0 offers significant added value for fast and efficient product development.
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The intelligent screw / clamp connection offers new possibilities in structural health monitoring.
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Cognitive systems and technologies make IoT processes safe and efficient.