Fraunhofer IIS: An enabler for hydrogen technologies and sustainable energy systems

Hydrogen is considered one of the key elements in the transition to a green economy. Fraunhofer IIS is your ideal partner for advancing the use of this energy source.

What is the hydrogen economy?

The hydrogen economy is a complex economic system. It encompasses everything from hydrogen production, storage and transportation to the development of business models. An important factor is the close link between hydrogen production and renewable electric power. 

To get a sustainable hydrogen economy off the ground, numerous key components must be in place, such as electrolyzers, transport and storage technology, fuel cells and digital solutions that offer added value. Fraunhofer IIS provides support for the development and operation of the requisite processes and components. In all our research work, data plays a vital role.


The hydrogen value chain

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A holistic view of the hydrogen economy, including its suppliers and services, allows Fraunhofer IIS to apply its expertise effectively to key areas.

Fraunhofer IIS offers the following expertise

At Fraunhofer IIS, we have comprehensive expertise in various application areas of the hydrogen economy:

  • Cognitive sensor systems, which support the monitoring and operation of production facilities, transport systems and hydrogen applications. The data acquired is used either on-site or in the cloud together with AI methods for optimizing operation and processes.
  • Nondestructive testing methods, which are being further developed at the Development Center X-ray Technology. These methods can be used to test components of fuel cells and electrolyzers after various manufacturing steps.
  • Experience in the optimization of networks and pipeline management, including in the gas supply sector. This know-how can be transferred to the supply infrastructure for hydrogen and to sector coupling, thus contributing to efficient supply planning and management.
  • Development of successful business models for new markets. The experts in our Supply Chain Services research area are specialized in this domain. In particular, our expertise can help shape the digital transformation of the hydrogen value chain for the long term.


Hydrogen holds great potential for industry and society

Hydrogen technologies are considered an ideal approach for reducing the carbon emissions of a huge variety of processes, including many energy-intensive ones. They are key components in Germany’s future viability as an industrial powerhouse.


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