The Advantages of Fraunhofer IIS in Detail

Structured onboarding

When you join Fraunhofer IIS, we have various ways of ensuring your onboarding goes as smoothly as possible. In addition to the contacts in your department, you will be assigned a mentor who will show you around the institute, introduce you to your new colleagues and point out where to turn for information. They will also explain how the institute works and make themself available to answer any questions. We will provide you with regular feedback and hold onboarding events to give you a solid overview of life at Fraunhofer IIS.

Many of our employees are currently working from home, which means that the onboarding of new employees takes place mainly online. Our HR development team has drawn up a comprehensive concept that makes structured onboarding possible even when people can’t be on site.

In this way, we make sure you’re fully prepared to work at Fraunhofer, where together we will change the face of technology.

Work flexibility

We want to give our employees the opportunity to integrate flexibility into their work life. Indeed, we believe that achieving an effective work-life balance is the only way to fully unleash talent and potential.

In consultation with your team, you can decide when you will be on site and even what your core working hours will be. This helps you balance your professional and personal commitments and set your work time to your own internal clock.

The majority of our employees have the equipment they need to work from almost anywhere. In this way, we want to encourage a creative and peaceful work environment outside the office or lab, such as at our Waischenfeld research campus, and we have no problem with people occasionally working from home.

Flexible work arrangements are also open to our student assistants. They can vary their contracted hours from semester to semester, and many take on more hours during semester breaks so they can work less during exam season. This provides them with an ideal way to balance job and studies.

Diverse opportunities for further development

Get ready to boost your expertise! You have the chance to gain top qualifications and enhance your profile so you can take charge of your own career opportunities. We take a multifaceted approach to professional development: whether you want to focus on developing your personal, methodological or specialist skills, we provide you with tailored support. Using a wide range of educational devices – including seminars, online learning, coaching and mentoring – we offer you more than a simple transfer of theoretical knowledge.

Through regular sessions with your supervisor, you can participate in setting your personal development goals. You can then put what you learn directly into practice.

Corporate culture – We’re all about saying YES

YES – a little word with a big message. It stands for curiosity, creativity and determination. This is what sets us apart: Saying YES. Breaking the mold. Always striving for innovation. Not just interpreting, but also reinterpreting.

We don’t shy away from complexity. We have ideas where others give up. Because at the end of every project, we want the verdict to be YES – we did it.

We enjoy what we do, are passionate about our projects, and celebrate our achievements together. In an open and appreciative environment, our international team works on ideas that will change the world.

We maintain flat hierarchies that enable you to be dynamic and push the boundaries of innovation.

Highly practical tasks that add value to society

A sense of responsibility runs through all that we do: we work on practical and important topics that benefit society. Our goal is to create tangible benefits and value for the general public. In our projects, we work with our partners to develop highly innovative products that help address the challenges currently facing our society. What’s particularly impressive is the sheer diversity of topics that will change the world of tomorrow.

Our employees throw themselves into exciting projects and drive them forward independently within a creative environment. This is because at our institute they perform tasks that match their interests, strengths and values.

Work-life balance

Just as our research activities are geared toward people’s needs, our corporate culture takes into account the needs of our employees. We recognize the importance of achieving a healthy work-life balance – which at Fraunhofer goes beyond balancing family and professional commitments – so we all have room to let our talent unfold. We offer our employees more!

  • Flexible work models: Options to work remotely or part-time
  • Support for families with children: Parent-and-child offices, daycare spots, advice on parental allowance, children’s days, childcare during school breaks and in emergencies
  • Tailored support: Life coaching, assistance for employees with family responsibilities (e.g. caring for relatives)
  • Illness prevention measures: Regular health events and back fitness courses

These are but a few examples; there’s simply not enough space to list everything we offer. After all, we try to make the ways we cater to our employees’ needs as individual as the needs themselves.

Cutting-edge equipment makes for cutting-edge research

Our workspaces and labs are equipped with the latest technology. We provide superb test environments that provide our researchers with realistic conditions for their work. This is the only way to develop practical solutions for the challenges of today and tomorrow. No matter whether it’s our L.I.N.K. Test and Application Center, Industrial IoT Innovation Lab, antenna measurement hall, sound lab or research movie theater, all our workspaces are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to create optimum working conditions.

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