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Products and Projects

Further Information on Medical Image Analysis and Machine Learning



Panorama Endoscopy in Real-time: Endorama®


Panorama Cystoscopy to Patients


Panorama Endoscopy of the Esophagus: TubeStitcher



Panoramic endoscopy of stomach and colon


3D Panorama Endoscopy: 3DInMed


Automatic Polyp Detection: KoloPol


Artificial Horizon: EndOrientation


Image Optimization for Fiber Endoscopes: DeFiberizer


Computer Assisted Diagnosis: EndoCAD®



Virtual Immersive Surgical Simulator

See. Feel. Train. is a surgical simulator that addresses all senses.


Manual Whole Slide Imaging – Scanning Made Simple and Affordable: iSTIX®


Modular Scanning Platform for Microscopy: SCube®


Virtual Microscopy for Interactive Teaching



Fluorescence Microscopy – Automatic Analysis of Fluorescence-based Assays: CaeT2


Leukemia Diagnostics by Automated Scanning of Bone Marrow Samples


Computer Assisted Detection of Malaria Pathogens: MCube

Products and Projects



See.Feel.Train. Virtual Surgical Trainer

3D patient model data segmented from CT, DVT or MRI! 



Intervention Planning for Cochlear Implants: CI-Wizard



Haptic-visual Learning System for Surgical Operations: HaptiVisT


Completed Project

Computer Assisted Diagnosis for Mammography: MammoCAD