Computer Assisted Microscopy for Cervical (Pap) Smear Analysis

The Challenge

CinCAM® – Computer-Assisted Microscopy for Cervical (Pap) Smear Analysis
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CinCAM® – Computer-Assisted Microscopy for Cervical (Pap) Smear Analysis

Cervical carcinoma is one of the most common forms of cancer in women. Screening involves taking cell specimens from the outer opening of the cervix and examining them under the microscope. The analysis is performed mainly by specialized cytological laboratories. The quality of the diagnosis depends on the quality of the preparation and experience of the lab personnel, not to mention that microscopic examinations are extremely tiring for the lab staff.

The special problem with these analyses is that so-called pap (Papanicolaou) smears have a 10 to 15 percent false-negative / false-positive rate, meaning tumor cells go undetected or normal cells are identified as malignant. The chances for early detection and treatment are reduced, leading to considerable emotional stress for patients.

Our Innovation: CinCAM®

With the aim of decreasing the effort and increasing the quality of the diagnosis, Fraunhofer IIS is developing an automated analysis process referred to as “CinCAM®“.

The specimen slide is automatically scanned with the aid of the microscope, followed by digitalization of the images. Innovative image processing algorithms provide fast and reliable analyses, making it possible to carry out computer-assisted diagnoses of malignant cells. We are also developing an automated process for localizing and classifying cervical cells on the digitalized scans.

“CinCAM®“ is a completely integrated system that automatically digitalizes the cells on the microscope while segmenting and classifying them on the computer.

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