Low-Price Computer-assisted Microscopy Scanning System and Applications

Computerized microscopy-based image processing is one of the key elements of fundamental and applied re­search as well as routine high-throughput examinations in the field of microbiology, immunology, virology, cyto­metry, hematology, cancer as well as pharmaceutical research and digital pathology. For the evaluation and objective analysis of such experiments and studies, automated and semi-automated microscopy is a key in­stru­ment to reduce cost and effort significantly while eliminating human subjectiveness. By these means, results obtained from microscopy experiments that formerly took weeks of manual labor can be generated within hours and thereby significantly speed-up development and research processes.

Therefore, the objective of this joint research project will be the development of an automated low-price scanning system for bright-field and epi-fluores­cence microscopy. Furthermore, a software development kit (SDK) will be developed, which will allow future users to customize the scanning system and procedures according to their specific needs. Based on digital slides acquired from this low-price scanning system, prototypic applications in the fields of digital pathology, microbiology and cancer research will be developed.

This project is part of the ongoing cooperation of Fraunhofer IIS with the Bilkent University, Ankara.

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