Mobile Health Lab

Digital Patient Manager for telemedicine applications

Telemedicine opens up access to healthcare from the home

Mobile Health Lab provides access to mobile healthcare network

How can telemedical procedures be combined with the necessary intersectoral infrastructure, government regulations and secure data management? And how can patients be connected to the network and still have control over their own data?

The Fraunhofer IIS Mobile Health Lab in Bamberg has the answer. As a generic telemedicine platform, the Digital Patient Manager (DPM) will create a decentralized infrastructure for the exchange of data between all parties. It will also support new IT-based services and drive digitalization forwards in medicine.

Advantages at a glance

  • Use of the generic DPM enables rapid prototyping and significant cost savings
  • Wearables that are already connected can be used or new interfaces easily developed - enabling round-the-clock measurement of the vital parameters relevant for your application
  • The DPM is GDPR-compliant and can be approved as a class IIa medical device
  • Compatible with gematik telematics infrastructure and other information technology systems (KIS, PVS)
  • Integration of AI-supported digital health pathways enables application-specific support of treatment (in partnership with the Digital Health Pathways Group, Fraunhofer IIS)
  • Use of the medical API makes it possible to create your own visualizations and apps based on the DPM

Mobile Health Lab service portfolio

  • Licensing of the Digital Patient Manager as a generic base platform (including for eCRFs in clinical studies)
  • Implementation of customer-specific applications and interfaces based on the DPM
  • Consulting on the implementation of your customer-specific DPM

Telemedicine holds great potential to bridge gaps in infrastructure and especially to make everyday life easier (for people suffering with chronic illness) and improve individuals’ quality of life.
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Quality management, data security and interoperability

  • Automatic, round-the-clock collection of patient data using wearables and smart home systems
  • Existing interfaces and standards (e.g. POCT1-A, HL7, FHIR) ensure interoperability with other digital health services
  • Compliance with GDPR and applicable safety and security standards
  • Individual authorization levels regulate access to sensitive patient data
  • Creation of audit trails for end-to-end quality assurance

Areas of application

  • Individualized systems for communication between doctors, therapists and patients
  • User-specific apps
  • Mobile telemedicine technologies (e.g. event recorders, FitnessSHIRT)
  • Implementation of medical studies
  • Support for pharmacological studies
  • General healthcare


TEAM-X: Your health, your data

Team-X is working on making health data that is difficult to access more readily available to patients and service providers such as doctors and nursing staff.

The "Trusted Ecosystem of Applied Medical Data eXchange (TEAM-X)" project researches and implements solutions with which future healthcare can overcome and implement sectoral and domain-related boundaries

Everything from a single source

The Fraunhofer IIS Mobile Health Lab Bamberg is part of the Medical Valley Center Bamberg.



Mobile Health Lab for Connected and Digitalized Healthcare