NeuroMoves – Rehabilitation of people with paralysis syndromes

Improving outpatient care with the aid of tailored therapy concepts

Using the »DPM.research« eCRF system with stroke and paraplegic patients


The NeuroMoves clinical study investigates the care situation of people with mobility restrictions caused by a stroke or paraplegia from the perspective of their personal environment. Its focus is on the evaluation both of physiotherapeutic measures and of the mobility aids used, such as wheelchairs or walkers.
NeuroMoves is designed to systematically improve the outpatient care of patients with paralysis syndromes by means of targeted, individually tailored therapy goals and aids.



A key goal of rehabilitation in patients suffering from a stroke or paraplegia is to restore full mobility to the patient as a pedestrian or wheelchair user. Despite the use of various medical aids, however, the mobility of patients with paralysis syndromes worsens following their initial inpatient treatment.

The goal of the NeuroMoves study is to identify the factors in outpatient care that lead to a reduction in mobility as well as the factors that tend to preserve and increase patients’ mobility.

Digital tools for the smooth exchange of information and data in cilinical trials

  • Automated recording and evaluation of questionnaires of patients and physicians, including data preparation using the DPM.research study management system.
  • Activity tracker for the sensor-based recording of data
    • Attachment to the patient's shoe or wheelchair
    • Sensor measures walking or wheelchair distance
    • Data transferred to a tablet  
  • Definition of therapy goals and their evaluation by study participants and therapists using the PatientConcept app
  • Identification and coordination of effective measures

Anonymized data can be requested for research purposes after termination of the NeuroMoves study.

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