Independent Validation of Measured Values ​​and Parameters

Wearable technology, a booming business, is no longer limited to training, sports and lifestyle monitoring and management devices paired with apps. These electronic accessories are making inroads into more and more medical, automotive and occupational safety applications to enable 360-degree monitoring. They even can track our day-to-day routines.

But do wearables really work as well as they should and how accurate is their data?
The data collected by scores of devices on the market has yet to be properly validated. Comparisons of different manufacturers’ products fall flat without any way of seeing how individual parameters stack up against one another.

Fraunhofer IIS validates wearables

As an independent institute, we offer smart testing solutions for the parameters measured by wearables and apps, and compare them with the appropriate gold standards.

What we can offer

  • Conduct joint workshops to analyze requirements and plan studies
  • Create a study concept
  • Prepare study documents
  • Put together an application to the ethics committee (if required)
  • Recruit test subjects
  • Set up testing and reference systems
  • Provide automated tools to acquire and store measured data
  • Analyze measured data

What we can analyze

Vital parameter monitoring
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Validation of Wearables
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  • Heart rate and heart rate variability
  • Respiratory quotient (volume, frequency and minute volume)
  • Aerobic threshold
  • Ventilatory and anaerobic thresholds (calorie consumption)
  • Further metrics available on request

We are an independent research institute with flexible network structures and in-house capacities. We have a testing and sports lab with comprehensive equipment and reference systems. This includes an ECG machine with algorithms for automated assessments and evaluation by medical personnel, and CEPT (cardiopulmonary exercise testing) equipment.

Possible applications

  • Medical engineering (medical-grade wearables for cardiology, spiroergometry/ergospirometry, etc.)
  • Competitive, individual sports that require intensive training
  • Occupational safety
  • Workplace healthcare
  • Serious gaming
  • Vital signs monitoring for aviation and automotive scenarios

For wearables that really work – call us!

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