Independent Validation of Measured Values ​​and Parameters

The recording of medical data has long since become part of patients' everyday lives. Smart watches, wearables, or integrated smart home applications enable convenient recording of biosignals in any situation and can thus be a valuable data basis for medical care.

But how well do these systems work? How accurate and valid are the recorded data compared to the medical gold standard?

Validation Studies at Fraunhofer IIS

As an independent institute, we offer you individual subject studies to validate your systems. We compare the recorded parameters with the corresponding medical or biomechanical gold standard. This gives you a valid statement about the actual data quality of wearables, apps and other systems for biosignal acquisition.

Our Reference Projects


Validation of commercial systems for sports

The validation of commercial wearables allows optimum monitoring of training and game performance for players in the National Basketball Association (NBA).


Driving simulator study for motion capture in trucks

To validate the functionality of a mobilization seat, motion sequences and seat positions were analyzed using capacitive sensor technology.


Acquisition and analysis of psycho-physiological reactions

The acquisition and analysis of multimodal physiological data enables unconscious emotional reactions to be analyzed.  

Center for Sensor Technology and Digital Medicine: Our Laboratories for your Study

The "Center for Sensor Technology and Digital Medicine":  


Development, integration and validation of innovative health technologies in the clinical environment.