SHORE® Software Solution – Technical Fact Sheet

Cross-Platform Software Library

  • Suitable for desktop, server and embedded systems
  • Runs on Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android
  • Supports x86, x64, ARMv7 and AARCH64 architectures
  • Further platforms are available on demand!

Development Platforms and Programming Languages

  • C++-SDK with an intuitive yet highly customizable API
  • Support for a wide range of development environments via bindings
    • Python (Download via Github)
    • Java (upon request)
    • Webassembly/Javascript (coming soon)
    • Support for other environments is available on demand!
    • No additional dependencies

Demo software

  • Free demo software available for Windows systems
  • Additional demo software is available upon request

Free demo app for Windows systems (additional demo software available on request!)



SHORE® – Classifications


SHORE® Benchmarks

The following benchmark results show the processing speed of SHORE® in frames per second on both desktop systems and embedded systems. The following parameters were varied:

  • Resolution of input images (VGA=640x480 pixels and HD=1280x720 pixels).
  • Number of faces per image (1 and 10)
  • 4 different configurations of SHORE®:
    • Face finding, determination of 68 facial landmarks and face analysis (6 facial expressions, age, gender)
    • Face finding and face analysis (6 facial landmarks, age, gender)
    • Face finding and determination of 68 Facial Landmarks
    • Face finding


A Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and an NVIDIA TX2 were used as reference systems for the measurements on embedded systems. The desktop system consisted of an Intel i7-7800k with 16 GB RAM.
The image data was processed in single frame mode - significantly higher frame rates can also be achieved when processing data with temporal correlation (e.g. camera recordings).

More Information

Face Detection: Fast, robust and in real-time with SHORE®

Privacy by Design

SHORE® was tested on an exemplary camera platform by the neutral evaluation center ePrivacy GmbH and has been awarded the seal of approval for the period from 2015 to 2023. If you want to integrate SHORE® into your product, you can apply for re-certification by an independent evaluation center.