Emotion Recognition Software SHORE® – A New Dimension beyond the Controller

Emotional Gaming with SHORE®

Through AI-based image analysis, SHORE® is able to recognize the emotional state of the player in real time and whether the player is in a positive or negative mood (valence recognition).

By integrating various parameters, video game developers can individually adapt the course of the game to the emotional state of the player. The player's reactions determine the further course of the game and thus the development of strong gameplay.

Good Luck with the New Game – Usability Tests with SHORE®

In game development, the final phase before the rollout of a game is particularly exciting: Does the game evoke exactly the emotions the developers had in mind at certain points?

Analyze in your usability tests how emotionally involved the test persons are - unaltered, directly in real time and in compliance with data protection. In this way, necessary adjustments can be made prior to the sales launch and the chances of success of your game can be increased.

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