Emotion Recognition Software SHORE® – A New Dimension beyond the Controller

Ahead of the game – Usability Tests using SHORE®

In game development, the final phase before the rollout of a game is particularly exciting: Does the game evoke exactly the emotions the developers had in mind at a particular point?

This is exactly where SHORE® comes in.

SHORE® gaming – emotion-aware agile design
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Usability tests with SHORE® show how emotionally involved test subjects are – genuine, in real time, and in compliance with data protection regulations. Our emotion analysis software takes into account the emotional impact of the game, identifies success factors, and makes suggestions for possible adjustments. That way, necessary optimizations can be made before the sales launch and the chances of success of your game will be increased.


SHORE® gaming – gaming satisfaction
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Emotional Gaming with SHORE®

Through the AI-based image analysis, SHORE® is able to recognise the emotional state of the player in real time and whether he is in a positive or negative mood (valence recognition).

Video game developers can tailor the gameplay to the emotional state of the player by integrating various parameters. The player's reactions determine the further course of the game and thus the development of a strong gameplay.

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Privacy by Design

SHORE® has been tested on an exemplary camera platform by the neutral evaluation center ePrivacy GmbH and has been awarded the seal of approval for the period from 2015 to 2023. If you want to integrate SHORE® into your product, you can apply for re-certification by an independent evaluation center.

The Performance of SHORE® at a glance