Target group-oriented Product Development with SHORE®

Is the feel of a product pleasant? Does the punch line in the commercial work? How is the product received?

These and many other questions are answered in market research and product testing. Various tools are used for this purpose, such as customer surveys based on questionnaires.

The problem is that direct, unbiased responses from the test persons are often not taken into account.

For you, this means that in order to offer your customers the best possible service or the most excellent product, you need to know exactly what the customer wants and how to adapt your offer accordingly.

This is where SHORE® can be a good addition and offers the possibility to get comprehensive user feedback by capturing these implicit reactions – fast and without privacy concerns.

Due to the very low hardware requirements, subject studies with SHORE® can also be conducted conveniently from home.

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The certification of the system AVARD exists since 2015.