Multi Sensor Fusion for Driver Health Monitoring

Sensor integration, multi sensor data fusion and analysis

The fusion of multimodal data provides information on characteristics such as fatigue, stress, attention and other physical conditions. To this end, we fuse data from various sources and analyze the data to detect the psycho-physiological state.

Your advantages

  • Displays data in real time and offers offline processing
  • Processes data in embedded systems and uses low-power hardware
  • Adapts automatically to lighting conditions (e.g. IR cameras)

Sensor integration

Measuring biosignals with patented technologies

  • Multi-Touch-ECG for maximum freedom of movement
    Integration of ECG at multiple positions (e.g. steering wheel, gear shifter, armrests) and automated electrode detection
  • Breathing Rate
    RFID system in the belt + seating area – Modulation through breathing
  • Photoplethysmography (PPM)
    Pulse wave at gear shifter & integrated remission sensor
  • Driving simulator
    Test system for new sensors and algorithms under reproducible conditions for different driving situations and cognitive states


Sensor integration - Posture and movement

  • Mapping the seating position of the passengers with capacitive sensors arranged in the seats
  • Reliable detection of seating and movements without limiting the user
  • Analysis of movement profile

Camera-based Facial Analysis SHORE® – Detection of Emotions, Valence, Gender, Age

The facial analysis software SHORE® can easily be extended to other products and target markets and it is available on all platforms:

  • Certified anonymous analysis (ePrivacySeal)
  • Robustness under adverse lighting conditions and IR light
  • No cloud service, no internet connection required
  • High performance on embedded platforms (e.g. 40 fps on Raspberry Pi 2)