JPEG XS for professional all-IP video production

Designed for production professionals, the JPEG XS Software Development Kit (SDK) 5 offers video transmission over Internet Protocol (IP) with speeds 25 percent higher than its predecessor for the encoding and decoding of HD/4K/8K images

JPEG XS is a compression codec that was developed to permit the transmission of high-quality videos of up to 8K over IP in production quality. The first edition of the ISO standard for JPEG XS was published in 2019, and the codec is now on the way to market readiness. Our video coding experts were able to demonstrate an initial JPEG XS system solution together with Japanese partner Astrodesign at the International Broadcast Convention 2022 and Inter BEE 2022. Under a cross-licensing agreement, we jointly offer JPEG XS-based solutions as an FPGA IP core or software solution.

The new JPEG XS SDK 5 developed by Fraunhofer IIS enables a 25 percent faster encoding and decoding of images. This reduces the required hardware resources on graphics cards and processors such as x86 CPUs, ARM CPUs and NVidia GPUs. Through code optimization and suggestions for parameterization, this can deliver a substantial boost to performance. This is a big advantage for all production workflows, which can now fully rely on IP-based transmission – from camera to post-production through to cloud connection.