Digital technology meets inpatient care

The DiSPnet project is developing a networking technology for needs-based care

In the “Networking digital assistive sensor technologies in inpatient care” project, DiSPnet for short, the aim is to use digitally supported sensor technologies to make care easier and more efficient. From carers to the people in need of care, everyone involved stands to benefit. We are working on this together with moio GmbH, the Bavarian Red Cross and SRH University Wilhelm Löhe. Currently, the project is testing the use of mioty® technology for monitoring and thus preventive avoidance of pressure ulcers.

In contrast to usual WLAN or mobile solutions, mioty® technology makes it possible to operate compatible sensors in difficult building structures, for example in buildings made of reinforced concrete. Thanks to the special mioty® wireless protocol, all important data from several thousand sensors reaches the base station safely, reliably and simultaneously. Transmission is energy-efficient, which conserves sensor batteries and guarantees long runtimes.

With mioty®, we offer a digital networking technology that supports needs-based care. It speeds up the process of informing carers about the condition of the person in need of care and about any necessary measures. Other benefits of mioty® include its cost-efficient operation and retrofittability.