Awards, prizes and appointments

Living Lab innovation prize

The Fraunhofer IIS Mobile Health Lab is one of 13 consortium partners for the TEAM-X project, which was awarded the Living Lab innovation prize by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action on May 31, 2022. TEAM-X aims to pave the way for forward-looking health and nursing care provision.

EurAI Fellow

Prof. Ute Schmid, head of the Comprehensible AI group at Fraunhofer IIS and Professor of Applied Computer Science focusing on cognitive systems at the University of Bamberg, was named one of four new EurAI Fellows.

Best Poster Award – Scientific Conference Autism Spectrum (WTAS)

Martina Simon of our Center for Applied Research on Supply Chain Services and her co-authors won the Scientific Conference Autism Spectrum (WTAS) Best Poster Award for their work titled “Acceptance of Robot-Assisted Therapies for Children on the Autism Spectrum and Assessment of Associated Ethical and Social Aspects.”

AES Fellow

Sascha Dick from the Audio and Media Technologies division was made an AES Fellow in recognition of his work on a new kind of educational website about audio coding artefacts. 

Best Paper Award –First Workshop on Ever Evolving NLP

Jann Goschenhofer, who works at our Center for Applied Research on Supply Chain Services, and his coauthors received the First Work- shop on Ever Evolving NLP Best Paper Award for their paper “CC-Top: Constrained Clustering for Dynamic Topic Discovery.”

Dissertation Prize – University of Passau

As part of the University of Passau’s Dies academicus on November 11, 2022, Dr. Thomas Lang from our Development Center X-ray Technology was among those awarded the Dissertation Prize for his outstanding work titled “Al-Supported Interactive Segmentation of 3D Volumes.”

Best Paper Award Winner at CadenceLIVE Europe 2022

Andy Heinig and Gunjanben Limbachiya from our Engineering of Adaptive Systems EAS division received the Best Paper Award at CadenceLIVE Europe 2022 for “Development of Radar Algorithm for the Tensilica Processor.” 

Funding through the Reinhart Koselleck program

Prof. Meinard Müller and his team were awarded 1.25 million euros in funding from the German Research Foundation (DFG) as part of the Reinhart Koselleck program of projects. The funded project on music data analysis is being carried out at the International Audio Laboratories.

Best Paper Award Winner at IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference

Sebastian Kram, Christopher Kraus, Maximilian Stahlke, Dr. Tobias Feigl, Prof. Jörn Thielecke and Dr. Christopher Mutschler from the Positioning and Networks division won the Best Paper Award at the IEEE WCNC for “Delay Estimation in Dense Multipath Environ- ments using Time Series Segmentation.”

Best Presentation Award – ION-GNSS+

Johannes Rossouw van der Merve and his co-authors Inigo Cortes Vidal, Dr. Fabio Garzia, Alexander Rügamer and Dr. Wolfgang Felber received the Institute of Navigation Best Presentation Award for their paper “Exotic FMCW Waveform Mitigation with an Advanced Multipara- meter Adaptive Notch Filter (MPANF).” 

EURASIP Best PhD Award

Dr. Maja Taseska won the European Association for Signal Processing (EURASIP) Best PhD Award for her thesis on “Informed Spatial Filters for Speech Enhancement.”

Best Paper Award Winner at ETRA

Marie Eckert, Thomas Robotham, Prof. Emanuël Habets and Olli Rummukainen received the Best Paper Award at the ACM Symposium on Eye Tracking Research & Applications (ETRA) 2022 for their work titled “Pupillary Light Reflex Correction for Robust Pupillometry in Virtual Reality.”

Graduate prizes – SIEMENS AG

Anna Leschanowsky and Luca Resti from our Audio and Media Technologies research area were honored by Siemens AG’s Corporate Technology department for their outstanding academic performance in information and communications technology.