The Fraunhofer Spirit - Reality is richer than all imagination

27. Juli 2023 | Video with Prof. Dieter Seitzer, founder and former director of Fraunhofer IIS.

What exactly is the "Fraunhofer Spirit"? "The curiosity of a researcher," says Prof. Dr. Dieter Seitzer, multiple award-winning scientist, former director of Fraunhofer IIS and pioneer of mp3. The Fraunhofer spirit, that is the ambition to drive exciting topics forward, not to let up and to believe in one's own abilities. This is how Fraunhofer IIS has achieved worldwide success over the past three decades. In the future, too, the institute will continue to develop demand-oriented technologies with in-depth knowledge and creativity.

The Fraunhofer Spirit

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"When my doctoral supervisor said: Reality is richer than all imagination, he pointed out that you are always in danger of expecting too little scope, too little diversity." Prof. Dr. Dieter Seitzer, founder and former director of Fraunhofer IIS, describes his research and the path Fraunhofer IIS has taken to become the largest institute of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft of today.

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