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Artificial Intelligence: Overview of our complete range of seminars

  • What can AI do and what can it not do (yet)?
  • What exactly is the sub-area of "Machine Learning"?
  • What do the human brain and deep learning actually have in common?

We show you the possibilities as well as the limits of complex AI development. In our AI-Services we offer you differently designed training modules, all of which are optimized for your individual needs and the respective user group.

Hands-On-Workshop »Deep Learning and Computer Vision«

Please note: These seminars are currently only available in German!

In this intensive, two-day practical workshop, you will gain basic information on the key technology for future developments and learn how to use various deep learning workflows. The thematic focus is on computer vision. You train in small groups and are supervised by experienced trainers.

You want "quick and comprehensive information on the topic" Artificial Intelligence?

Please note: These seminars are currently only available in German!

In our seminar »AI Essentials« (in german language) you will find out everything you need to know about the trend topic. You will receive condensed but profound information, prepared for the target group and compiled by experienced trainers.



Machine Learning Seminars

In various seminars on the subject of Machine Learning, we offer comprehensive training opportunities in the areas of Machine Learning and Reinforcement Learning. These in-depth courses offer an exciting mix of theory and practice.

Our established Machine Learning Forum is also a networking platform between research and industry in the field of machine learning and serves as an excellent networking event.


Machine Learning Forum

Here you get an overview of our different modules: We offer further training opportunities on the topics of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning and Deep Learning Hardware Architectures.

This includes, on the one hand, new university courses for master's students, which create broad opportunities for specialization, and, on the other hand, industry-oriented hands-on LABs, in which the theoretical content is combined and worked on with practical industrial problems.


Hot topic: Machine Learning

Find out more about our solutions in this area.

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