The digital radio text service


Journaline is a data application for the DAB and DRM digital radio systems that provides hierarchically structured textual information. The user can easily and immediately access the topics he is currently interested in.

  • Hierarchical, categorized text messages
  • Specifically designed for digital broadcast services
  • Mandatory component of EWF (Emergency Warning Functionality) for DAB and DRM
  • Extremely low bit rate requirements
  • Import/transformation of existing broadcaster's content sources based on standard formats like XML
  • Embedded and externally referenced images and graphics
  • Optimized for inexpensive consumer receivers
  • Very simple decoder resources and display hardware requirements for mobile receivers
  • Metadata Option for high quality text-to-speech playback
  • Hotkeys / station keys for quick access to favorite topics
  • Reception quality tolerant push & store service
  • Standardised technology for radio captioning (subtitles for the hearing impaired) according to ITU


Journaline is an international standard. Its specification is available as a free download from ETSI. The data service is currently broadcast as part of DAB/DMB and DRM digital radio transmissions. It is suitable for virtually any broadcast platform due to its low data capacity consumption – a key objective for the system’s development. With Journaline’s hierarchical topic structure, users can browse all received information – both program-related and program-independent textual information – and select their favourite news items.

Journaline allows radio stations to provide listeners effortlessly with information accessible directly at the radio set, which formerly could only be accessed after a media break from online websites. Broadcasters can interact with listeners and measure responses through Journaline's Hot-Button interactivity feature. In the context of Radio Schooling Services, Journaline represents the text book component, which is accessible by students at any time in a multitude of languages, and which gets referenced during the live broadcast sessions with a teacher. Public Signage services can be realised by combining dynamic and low-bitrate Journaline text pages and images with topical design template references for large-screen presentation. For EWF (Emergency Warning Functionality), Journaline is the core component responsible for granting listeners with on-demand access to detailed on-demand instructions and information, and for reaching hearing impaired users and non-native travellers. In addition, Journaline is the technical basis for Radio Captioning services to allow listeners with hearing impairments to more easily follow radio programs.


Journaline Core Decoder implementation available for licensing to radio receiver, module, chipset, mobile phone and automotive/tier-1 manufacturers. Supported platforms include Windows PC, Linux PC, Android and a wide variety of embedded Microcontroller platforms. Please contact us for more information.

The required Journaline patent and trademark licenses are available from Fraunhofer, independent of the chosen software implementation.

The Fraunhofer DRM ContentServer and the Fraunhofer DAB ContentServer technologies represent ideal encoder solutions for Journaline enriched DAB and DRM broadcasts.

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