JPEG XS - the new low complexity codec standard for professional video production

JPEG XS stands for extra speed and extra small. The new ISO mezzanine codec standard co-developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits enables interoperability and allows an easy and cost effective integration into IP based infrastructure.

As an ultra low-latency lightweight image coding system, JPEG XS offers visually lossless quality with compression ratios up to 10:1. It also supports resolution up to 8K and features a frame rate from 24 to 120fps.

Whether Virtual Reality, gaming, in-house or broadcast and digital cinema workflows, the upcoming JPEG XS mezzanine codec standard can be applied where today uncompressed video is used.

The first software implementation is available for evaluation as a SDK (Software Development Kit).

Information about JPEG XS SDK is available on request.


For further information and an overview of the technical details of JPEG-XS you can watch our videos:   


JPEG-XS – The new low complexity codec

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JPEG XS - Image coding for video over IP in production quality

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JPEG XS: New stadardized image coding

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Press Release

Fraunhofer IIS and intoPIX announce joint licensing program for JPEG XS

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