IMF Studio Software Suite

Get to know our new software for creating and rendering IMF packages

The Interoperable Master Format (IMF) is a universal, file-based solution for the exchange of high-quality image and sound data as well as subtitles in a common format. Broadcasters, film producers and streaming services use IMF packages for the data exchange during production and post-production as well as for the delivery of content. Furthermore, an IMP can serve as master and source package for creating various distribution formats.

We offer the new software suite IMF Studio for the creation, playback and quality assurance of IMPs, which has been derived from our well-known software suite easyDCP for the creation of Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs). Due to a very flexible subscription licensing model, IMF Studio enables users to create complex workflows in local and cloud-based environments.


IMF Studio Creator

An important step in the field of professional post-production is the creation of IMPs (Interoperable Master Packages). With the software tool IMF Studio Creator, Fraunhofer IIS offers an easy-to-handle solution for the creation of SMPTE compliant IMPs.


IMF Studio Player

The IMF Studio Player is designed as a playback and quality assurance solution for IMPs (Interoperable Master Packages) which can be used on standard hardware components. Dependent on the image codec, the decoding is optionally accelerated by a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).

Trial versions available

There is a trial version available for the IMF Studio Creator and the IMF Studio Player. Visit the webshop to download the trial versions.

API for the creation of IMPs and DCPs

For the integration into a post-production environment Fraunhofer IIS offers an API (Application Programming Interface) to create, to play back for a final check and to encrypt DCPs and IMPs.

Flexible licensing model

The flexible licensing model uses a hardware-independent license. This enables workflows in local or cloud environments and manages operations on multiple computers.

The licensing model is available for IMF Studio Creator and IMF Studio Player.

More Information

easyDCP Software Suite

We also offer the easyDCP Software Suite for the creation and playback of DCPs (Digital Cinema Packages).

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