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Welcome to the Audio and Media Technologies digital exhibition!

The audio and media technologies shaped by Fraunhofer IIS have become a part of everyday life.

Thanks to them, you enjoy uninterrupted music and video streaming as well as advanced digital radio formats. They help you adapt the sound of your TV to your individual needs and plunge you into immersive 3D soundscapes. You encounter them in cordless and mobile phones, speakers and soundbars, smart devices, and even in cars.

Here at Fraunhofer, passionate people are driven by a desire to make things better. This results in improved playback and recording quality of audio devices. It also helps educators transmit learning material to radios in inaccessible regions. And finally, it contributes to the standards that harmonise media transmission around the globe.

Come into our virtual showroom, experience the world of cutting-edge media technology, and meet our experts!

Experience innovation

The technologies of Fraunhofer IIS shape the globally deployed standards and technologies in the fields of audio and moving picture production. Since the creation of mp3 some 30 years ago, our experts have contributed to any aspect of this broad field and today, almost all consumer electronic devices, computers, and mobile phones are equipped with Fraunhofer systems and technologies.

And now, enjoy explanations and demonstrations of the latest generation of media technologies! For the best experience, we recommend grabbing some good stereo headphones.

MPEG-H Audio

Personalized sound for an immersive audio experience


The Next Generation Audio technology creates a personalized and immersive, highly realistic listening experience by enabling sound reproduction from above and around the listener. It is also possible to adapt the sound and even audio descriptions according to users' requirements and preferences or to choose from existing presets.


Adaptive audio and video streaming and digital radio


The codec bridges the gap between speech and audio coding. It provides unbroken and consistently high-quality audio for all signal types by switching seamlessly between high and low bitrates. The Loudness and Dynamic Range Control capabilities ensure the playback of content at a consistent volume and the best possible user experience for listening on any platform and in any environment. This makes it extremely flexible and provides continuous playback even under challenging conditions.

upHear family

Enhanced audio playback and recording quality


The upHear family of sound processing technologies can be used individually or together in order to improve the playback or recording quality of devices. The technologies improve the sound capture capabilities of 360° cameras and mobile devices, facilitate voice-controlled human-machine interactions, and bring 3D sound to consumer devices.

360 Reality Audio

New immersive music experience


Sony cooperates with major industry players to provide a next-generation immersive audio experience. The technology is based on Fraunhofer’s MPEG-H technology and covers the creation, distribution, and playing of music.


Deep-learning-based dialogue separation


Dialog+ is based on artificial intelligence and reduces the volume of music, sound effects or background noise to put spoken dialogue in the foreground. Developed by Fraunhofer IIS, the technology is easy to integrate into existing production processes.  


Low complexity codec standard for professional video production


The new ISO mezzanine codec standard enables interoperability and allows an easy and cost effective integration into IP based infrastructure. JPEG XS offers visually lossless quality with compression ratios up to 10:1. It also supports resolution up to 8K and features a frame rate from 24 to 120fps.


Netflix streaming xHE-AAC audio on Android mobile

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