Experience unprecedented quality for speech, music and mixed content with Fraunhofer IIS' communication solutions. Explore the future of phone calls, teleconferences and voice-controlled human-machine interaction.



EVS is especially designed for VoLTE (Voice over LTE) services. It enables phone calls with Full-HD Voice quality, bringing call fidelity up to the same level as today’s other digital media services. Integrating state-of-the-art speech and audio coding technology, EVS removes the limitations of bandlimited and voice-centric codecs that were previously used in mobile communications.


upHear Voice Quality Enhancement

The Fraunhofer upHear Voice Quality Enhancement (VQE) software is designed to facilitate voice-controlled human-machine interactions using microphones built into mobile phones and smart home devices such as smart speakers.

Spatial Audio Conferencing

The technology renders participants of a teleconference into a 3D soundstage and allows listening over stereo headsets.

AAC-ELD Family

Already being widely used for professional and consumer communication applications, are state-of-the-art MPEG-4 audio codecs for maximum speech and audio quality at very low coding delay.  

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