Driving is evolving into a new experience. Ubiquitous availability of Internet access, vehicular connectivity and advanced communication systems are transforming cars into intelligent, self-driving communication platforms.

Powerful data links – both within the automobile and with the outside world – are the key enabling technology for the car of the future. Data need to be collected, transmitted, and distributed to be available in the right place at the right time.

We offer a wide range of solutions for automotive in the areas of infotainment, intelligent connectivity and antenna systems.  


Modern infotainment systems combine multimedia functions with safety-related traffic information and are flexible for custom applications.


DAB Receiver Kit

Software for implementation of DAB/DAB+/T-DMB radio receivers


DRM Receiver Kit

Software for implementation of DRM radio receivers


Hybrid Radio

Hybrid radio solution for every radio

Intelligent connectivity

The vehicles of the future will communicate continuously with the environment and react independently when danger situations arise. The key to this development is the intelligent networking of vehicles, which are permanently connected to the Internet, with other vehicles, the surrounding environment and satellites via a high-performance air interface.


Connected mobility – vehicle communication

Communication technologies for future mobility networks


Automotive test bed

Connected driving


Over-the-air testing in a virtual electromagnetic environment

FORTE OTAinVEE testing facility

Automotive antenna solutions

Communication and navigation systems for vehicles have to meet increasing requirements and therefore demand innovative automotive antenna systems.


Smart antenna systems

Connected, safe and informed


Navigation antennas for automotive applications

Pinpoint accuracy