Hybrid Radio: Three Become One

No reception is a thing of the past with truly hybrid radios, which automatically switch back and forth between analog VHF, digital radio, and Internet streaming. By always looking for the best way to receive a radio program, they allow passengers to enjoy uninterrupted listening as they travel. The technology also provides users with an easy way to enjoy their favorite local shows outside of the respective broadcast areas.

Hybrid infotainment-system functionality of this kind is possible through the integration of Fraunhofer software components. They provide radio platforms with the versatility to operate in various markets or vehicle categories and ensure uncompromising sound quality. Our software solution for hybrid car radios includes data decoders that deliver images, text messages, and other information in addition to the audio content.

Hybrid radio solution for every radio platform

A hybrid radio offers the best of both worlds by combining the benefits of radio broadcasting with the additional capabilities of an Internet connection. We provide a corresponding full-stack solution that incorporates everything from baseband decoding to audio playback and a web-based user interface.

This implementation enables parallel processing of multiple inputs in real time, as well as access to the corresponding components via low- and high-level interfaces (C++ and REST-API). In addition, our hybrid radio implementation includes a client for IP-based streaming.

Overview of available software components for hybrid radios from Fraunhofer IIS
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Hybrid radio solution with Fraunhofer software components

Individually or in combination:

Fraunhofer software components for hybrid radio

Baseband software libraries

In order to use all means of reception, hybrid radio receivers rely on flexible software defined radio solutions that support multiple broadcasting standards. With our baseband software libraries, we provide an efficient way of expanding radio platforms to include a full DAB+ and DRM feature set in combination with FM and AM decoding.

Audio decoder

Without exception, our AAC audio codecs are synonymous with first-class in-car audio and deliver excellent quality even at low bit rates. In particular, the xHE-AAC® (Extended High Efficiency AAC) codec combines speech and general audio encoding and was developed specifically for adaptive streaming and digital radio.

Decoder for data services

The data service Journaline® complements audio programming by allowing users to access current information from various related or unrelated genres at any time and free of charge. In the event of a disaster, car radios with “Emergency Warning Functionality” (EWF) automatically switch to an emergency program so that emergency services and the population can be warned in good time.

Sonamic TimeScaling

Fraunhofer Sonamic TimeScaling synchronizes the incoming signals to ensure seamless switching within hybrid radio. This involves slowing the signals down or speeding them up to allow inaudible crossfading and therefore seamless switching from Internet stream to radio signal and vice versa. Of course, the technology can also be used for two different radio signals.

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