DAB Receiver Kit

The DAB Receiver Kit from Fraunhofer IIS is a fully validated DAB/DAB+/T-DMB solution for the automotive and consumer market. This innovative software radio approach allows terminal manufacturers to efficiently enhance their radio platform with the full range of DAB/DAB+/T-DMB feature set. It is a platform independent fixed point C-code optimized for DSP implementation.

Fully compliant with the ETSI EN 300 401, the DAB Receiver Kit is able to decode a full DAB ensemble or only a subset to save computing power. With its flexible data interface, it can be easily combined with external applications. The API interface is adoptable to the customers framework.

Flexible solution for software defined radio platforms

Modern radio receivers for car and home entertainment contain more and more software. This enables the radio maker to support different radio standards on the same hardware platform. Updates or extensions become possible even in the very last stage of the development process. The Fraunhofer IIS DRM Receiver Kit is a DAB/DAB+/T-DMB solution providing radio manufacturers this flexible software option for their radio platforms.



The benefits

at a glance

time to market

Ready-to-run software greatly simplifies what would otherwise be a highly time and resource intensive implementation process, and accelerates the product development stage.


The receiver kit supports different configurations of baseband and service layer fuctions.

Faster access
to new technologies

Fraunhofer IIS offers DAB/DAB+/T-DMB baseband and service layer decoders used with popular fixed-point and embedded floating-point processors.


The receiver kit's platform-independent C/C++ code enables easy switching of SoC platforms while maintaining full functionality and performance.


Basic feature set of the baseband processing

  • Flexible data interface
  • Band III and L-band support
  • Automatic mode detection for DAB mode 1-4


Basic feature set for audio and data decoding

  • FIC decoding including all FIGs
  • MOT decoder in header and directory mode
  • PAD decoder
  • Packet mode decoder
  • MPEG Layer 2 decoding
  • HE-AAC v2 decoding
  • BSAC for Korean market (optional)
Schematic representation of a DAB receiver
© Fraunhofer IIS

The library has three main interfaces, which can be customized for customer platforms. These interfaces are the IF input interface, the audio output interface and the control interface to operate the library from an external host. Fraunhofer IIS also offers integration support for customer radio platforms.

The DAB/DAB+/T-DMB development framework of Fraunhofer IIS allows embedding and optimization of a receiver architecture from the antenna input to the audio output as complete design based on customer requirements. 

Availability and licensing

The Fraunhofer IIS DAB Receiver Kit is designed to fit on arbitrary fixed point digital signal processors (DSP). Based on customer request extensions and additional features can smoothly be integrated into the kit.

Generally, Fraunhofer IIS DAB Receiver Kit licensing scales with the type of application and the adaptation efforts.

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