DRM Receiver Kit

The DRM Receiver Kit from Fraunhofer IIS is a fully validated DRM solution for the automotive and consumer market. This innovative software radio approach allows terminal manufacturers to efficiently enhance their radio platform with the full range of the DRM feature set. It is a platform independent C-code ready for multiple baseband and service layer instances.

Fully compliant with the ETSI ES 201 980, the DRM Receiver Kit is able to decode a full DRM multiplex or only a subset to save computing power. With its flexible data interface, it can be easily combined with external applications. The API interface is adoptable to the customers framework.



Basic feature set of the baseband processing:

  • Reception frequencies up to 240 MHz
  • Automatic mode detection for DRM-mode A-D
  • Full featured FAC, SDC, MSC decoding
  • 4.5 kHz-, 5 kHz-, 9 kHz-, 10 kHz-, 18 kHz-, 20 kHz-, 96 kHz-bandwidth
  • DRM30 (Mode A-D)
  • DRM+ (Mode E)


Basic feature set for audio and data decoding (DRM profile):

  • MOT decoder in header and directory mode
  • Packet mode decoder, enhanced packet mode decoder
  • MPEG HE-AAC v2
  • Legacy CELP and HVXC on demand


Optional features:

  • DRM text messages
  • Journaline® advanced text
  • Slideshow images
  • MPEG Surround®
  • Diveemo®
  • TPEG traffic information
  • HECA – High Efficient Conditional Access
  • DRM Emergency Warning Functionality (EWF)
  • Proprietary Data Services

Availability and Licensing

The Fraunhofer IIS DRM Receiver Kit is designed to fit on arbitrary digital signal processors (DSP). Extensions and additional features can smoothly be integrated into the kit – on customer request.

Generally, Fraunhofer IIS DRM Receiver Kit licensing scales with the type of application and the adaptation efforts.

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DRM Receiver Kit



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