DRM Test Equipment DT230

The DT230 is a professional test equipment for the DRM system. It can play back complex baseband DRM signals and record RF bandpass signals by using a direct sampling A/D and D/A solution for the frequency range from 100 kHz up to 27.4 MHz.

The optional channel simulator module O1 models all relevant properties of the short wave ionospheric propagation channel according to the stationary Watterson model approach. The dynamic profile option O2 makes it possible to change all simulator parameters dynamically. For the automatic evaluation of receiver performance option O3 is available.

The real-time modulation option O4 allows for the RF modulation of MDI (Multiplex Distribution Interface) data either from the Ethernet or pre-generated MDI files played back from the internal hard disk.


  • Stand-alone unit
  • Easy to use due to comfortable LCD menus
  • Software update via built-in DVD drive
  • Full remote control by remote PC via Ethernet
  • 10 MHz reference input



  • DRM signal playback for demonstration purposes, transmitter and receiver testing
  • Recording of DRM signals for the generation of “real-world“ patterns or further signal analysis
  • Channel simulation for the development of DRM front ends and baseband decoders
  • RSCI (Receiver Status and Control) analyzer for receiver performance tests

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