DRM Monitoring Receiver DT700

The DRM Monitoring Receiver DT700 is a professional monitoring receiver perfectly suited for DRM reception and transmitter monitoring. It features a high-performance front end based on a direct sampling reception technology. Together with a 12-band fix-tuned preselector filter bank the DRM Monitoring Receiver DT700 guarantees an outstanding reception performance and low phase noise. The receiver’s signal processing is based on a software defined radio construction the core of which is an embedded Linux PC.

The DRM Monitoring Receiver DT700 has a built-in high-accuracy OCXO reference oscillator with 10 MHz reference input.


  • Stand-alone operation
  • High reliability hardware built for continuous operation
  • Well-tested DRM receiver software based on Fraunhofer Software Radio
  • Easy to use due to comfortable LCD menus
  • Full remote control via remote PC and Ethernet
  • Easy software update via built-in DVD drive



  • General Purpose DRM / AM / SSB Reception
  • Transmitter Monitoring
  • Spectrum Monitoring
  • Monitoring Networks

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