DRM Monitoring Receiver DT700


The DRM Monitoring Receiver DT700 is a professional monitoring receiver perfectly suited for DRM reception and transmitter monitoring. It features a high-performance front end based on a direct sampling reception technology. Together with a 12-band fix-tuned preselector filter bank the DRM Monitoring Receiver DT700 guarantees an outstanding reception performance and low phase noise. The receiver’s signal processing is based on a software defined radio construction the core of which is an embedded Linux PC.

The DRM Monitoring Receiver DT700 is available as standard Basic Model B1 and Basic Model B2 with high-stability frequency reference and external reference input.


  • Stand-alone operation
  • High reliability hardware built for continuous operation
  • Well-tested DRM receiver software based on Fraunhofer Software Radio
  • Easy to use due to comfortable LCD menus
  • Full remote control via remote PC and Ethernet
  • Easy software update via built-in DVD drive



  • General Purpose DRM / AM / SSB Reception
  • Transmitter Monitoring
  • Spectrum Monitoring
  • Monitoring Networks

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