Over-the-air Testing in a Virtual Electromagnetic Environment


In the range of lower frequencies (sub 6 GHz or FR1), the FORTE test facility has an over-the-air (OTA) test platform that enables realistic investigations in the application areas of vehicle-to-vehicle/vehicle-to-infrastructure communications, industrial communications, and mobile communications and navigation (GNSS). This test platform uses wave field synthesis to generate an arbitrary electromagnetic environment in the frequency range from 300 MHz to 6 GHz, which is realistically simulated in an anechoic measurement chamber.

A feature that is always important for us and our partners is the possibility of generating standard-compliant (e.g. GSM, 4G) signals, which makes tests on all protocol layers possible even with finished, unmodified terminals.

Our service offer


  • Mobile communication systems (LTE, LTE-A, UMTS, 5G)
  • Global navigation systems
  • Industrial communication systems
  • Cognitive radio systems
  • C2I (car to infrastructure), C2C (car to car) systems


Virtual electromagnetic environments

  • Realistic multipath propagation environments including spatiotemporal characteristics of the electromagnetic field
  • Mobile scenarios (incl. high-speed)
  • Arbitrary radio environments and application scenarios
  • Coexistence and interference scenarios

Application areas

  • Multi-antenna systems
  • MIMO equipment
  • Direction finders
  • Communictation systems with integrated antennas
  • Beam forming antennas
  • Controlled-reception-pattern antennas

Advantages of the test platform

  • Reproducible and cost-efficient 
  • Available at any time and weather independent
  • No interference to licenced users (shielded chamber)
  • Virtually any location/scenario/prognostic testing in still unavailable bands or uncommissioned systems, incl. “whatif” scenarios
  • Non-destructive assessment of integrated multi-antenna system performance


Graphical representation of the concept and functionality of OTAinVEE


Concept OTAinVEE  

Functionality OTAinVEE  

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