Over-the-air testing in a virtual electromagnetic environment


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  • Mobile communication systems (LTE, LTE-A, UMTS, 5G)
  • Global navigation systems
  • Industrial communication systems
  • Cognitive radio systems
  • C2I (car to infrastructure), C2C (car to car) systems

Especially suited for:

  • Multi-antenna systems
  • MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) equipment
  • Direction finders
  • Communictation systems with integrated antennas
  • Beam forming antennas
  • Controlled-reception-pattern antennas (CRPA)



Interior view testbed
© Fraunhofer IIS/Christoph Gorke

Virtual electromagnetic environments:

  • Realistic multipath propagation environments including spatiotemporal characteristics of the electromagnetic field
  • Mobile scenarios (incl. high-speed)
  • Arbitrary radio environments and application scenarios
  • Coexistence and interference scenarios


  • Reproducibility compared to field tests
  • Cost-efficient
  • Available at any time and weather independent
  • No interference to licenced users (shielded chamber)
  • Virtually any location/scenario/prognostic testing in still unavailable bands or uncommissioned systems, incl. “whatif” scenarios
  • Non-destructive assessment of integrated multi-antenna system performance

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