Smart Antenna Systems

Minimum size – maximum performance

Antennas are an essential component of any wireless communication system. They meet demanding requirements for directional characteristics, are small and powerful, and ensure first-class reception and efficient, non-interfering radio communication.

Whether single antennas or multi-antenna systems, we step up to the challenges of a connected world and offer a broad range of smart antenna systems with minimum form factors, designed for your specific requirements.

Satellite communication

Available worldwide at any time

Satellite communication is a sought-after component in many applications due to its global availability. This is enabled by automatically tracking antennas that can flexibly change their direction and thus maintain a reliable line of sight to the satellite.

Our phased array antenna does not require any expensive antenna elements or complex phase shifters. Thanks to its optimized phase set and innovative element arrangement, it is both cost-effective and powerful. Our phased array solutions are also ideal for non-terrestrial networks (NTN), where the base stations are located on board a satellite.

High availability is also crucial for satellite navigation. Antenna concepts that reliably detect and select navigation signals are required, especially in locations with limited reception. With our extremely small GNSS antenna we have developed a solution that meets all requirements of the global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) for precise positioning and interference-free navigation. And even under extreme conditions in conditions in space, our navigation antennas deliver what they promise.

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Mobile broadband communication

Coverage – precise and stable

Mobile radio antennas achieve great things: tailored to the respective needs, they provide users with mobile radio coverage as required. With each new mobile communications standard, more electronically steerable antennas are installed in base stations, which can direct their antenna beams specifically at individual users. This improves signal quality, reduces interference from other subscribers and increases cell capacity through multiple use.

As our phased array antennas support wide frequency ranges, they are ideal for use in mobile radio base stations. The optimized arrangement of the elements enables uniform controllability as well as low-loss and easy-to-implement signal feeds. We also place particular emphasis on downstream digital signal processing and optimization of energy consumption by selectively switching off individual elements at times when there are few subscribers or low data volumes.

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Absolute reliability in any situation

In critical situations, interference-free, full-coverage, high-performance communication is essential for public and individual safety. Antennas for safety applications must accordingly meet very high standards and work with precision and absolute reliability in any situation because exact localization can save lives in an emergency.

Our focus is on the development of reliable directional antennas for radio signal monitoring and disaster management. We offer customised antenna solutions that can cope with demanding challenges and are configured for their specific operational conditions.

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Internet of Things

Intelligent connection of people, data, and processes

Digitization is progressing in every area of life, and with the Internet of Things it is creating the ability to connect people, processes, data, and objects. Flawless networking requires powerful, compact, and flexible antenna systems.

The Fraunhofer IIS Multibeam Antenna is the answer to the logistical and technological challenge of optimizing entire process chains. This powerful, smart RFID antenna ensures a larger field of view, higher reading rates, and more accurate positioning than conventional antennas.

Our intelligent antenna solutions are ideal for IoT-based scenarios. With their efficient data capture and signal processing, they form the basis for communication between a large number of objects. The targeted control of antennas enables precise localization of objects. Our antenna systems also have the ideal properties for mobile applications and wearables.

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Connected, safe, and informed

As the vision of self-driving cars becomes reality, the requirements on automotive antenna systems will become more demanding. The interaction of car networking, localization, and navigation demands top performance from antenna design, measurement technology and integration.

Each application uses different frequency bands and requires smart antenna solutions with reduced complexity while providing higher performance. Even today, tailored antenna design is crucial for innovative vehicle communication.

Our antenna systems are optimized for use in the smallest spaces, support international radio standards, are broadband-capable and interference-proof. They make future communication and navigation systems possible.

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From the idea to the antenna solution

Whether development, independent measuring services, licensable technologies or assistance in making your product idea a reality, we have the ideal solution to any need.

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Consulting and evaluation

In antenna development, compatibility with other system components is important. Therefore, the first step toward successful implementation is an exact analysis of the technical requirements. For this purpose, we offer comprehensive consulting and evaluation of existing systems’ functionality and efficiency.

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Development and implementation

Antenna and system development is our strength. We implement and verify antenna concepts to fit specific application scenarios and help you bring them to maturity.

Icon measurement and testing services

Measurement and testing services

As an independent research institute, in addition to consulting and development we also offer measurement and testing services in which we verify and run measurements on your antennas.

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Our antenna solutions can be licensed. We will be happy to advise you on adapting them to your system and offer customer-specific extensions for the antenna concepts.