Test bed for SatCom on the Move

FORTE SatCom on the Move

The FORTE SatCom on the Move (SOTM) test facility, with its 50-meter antenna tower, enables realistic emulation of mobile bidirectional satellite links in Ku-band and Ka-band in various channel environments (with fading, shadowing, etc.), with movements of the SOTM terminal replicated via an electromechanical motion emulator.

Due to similar frequency ranges in 5G FR2, this setup has already been successfully used for experiments and projects in the field of broadband terrestrial communications. Here, for example, a 5G beamforming antenna test environment including a scenario for a satcom backhaul network was developed and tested.

Key features of the far field SOTM test bed


  • Antenna pattern
  • Positioning, Acquisition, and Tracking (PAT) performance
  • Residual off-axis emissions
  • Forward/Return link performance
  • End-to-end link performance
  • Fading of the LMS channel including satellite signal impairments
  • Mechanical movement of the terminal platform
  • Realistic GPS/Galileo HF signal over the air (arbitrary tracks possible)
  • Interference from satellites in adjacent positions
  • Frequency ranges and polarizations:
    • Ku-Band (12/14 GHz) or Ka-Band (20/30 GHz)
    • Dual-linear or dual-circular polarization

Advantages of the test bed

  • Higher accuracy of depointing measurements compared to satellite to terminal
  • Precise depointing measurement in azimuth and elevation
  • Cost-efficient and available all the time
  • Far field radiation pattern measurements
  • Weather independent

Our service offer

  • EUTELSAT SOTM type approval including pattern measurement for ESOG 120
  • GVF type approval measurements for e.g. GVF 101, GVF 104, GVF 105 as an ATE (Authorized Test Entity)
  • Consulting for SOTM systems
  • SOTM system integration (e.g. mobile satellite backhaul solutions in conjunction with a mobile LTE femto cell)

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  • Tests according to the GVF recommendations (GVF-105) and the type approval specifications of EUTELSAT (EESS-502 and ESOG-120)
  • Tracking performance approved on hardest maritime motion profile "Class A" developed by Fraunhofer IIS

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