Reliable tool for simulating V2X applications in 5G networks

Connected and automated vehicles need reliable connectivity solutions. This is where C-V2X comes in – the communication standard for automotive connectivity in 4G and 5G mobile networks. C-V2X (cellular vehicle-to-everything) connects vehicles with other vehicles, pedestrians, the traffic roadside equipment and the Internet.

Our simulation platform C-V2XSim allows simulating and testing the performance of C-V2X in realistic traffic scenarios and under different network conditions.

C-V2XSim in use – your benefits

  • Comprehensive system-level simulation covering the whole protocol stack of a 5G data plane
  • In-depth analysis of reliability, throughput, latency and other KPIs
  • Evaluation of application requirements and achievable 5G performance

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The most important C-V2XSim functions at a glance


  • Intuitive operation and easy parameterization of the simulator
  • Comprehensive system of performance indicators (customizable on request)
  • Detailed reports incl. download function
  • Archive for completed simulations
  • Possibility to compare different simulation runs
  • 2D and 3D visualization of simulated scenarios

Heat map

C-V2XSim offers the possibility to visualize the network performance in form of heat maps. This allows identifying weak points in mobile coverage or data transmission, e.g. for time-critical applications such as remote driving (remote control of vehicles).

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5G Quality of Service model

C-V2XSim includes a 5G QoS model with default configurations to control traffic at the data plane (part of the premium offering). If necessary, we are able to customize this QoS implementation exactly according to your individual requirements, so that time-critical applications can be specifically prioritized in the simulation.

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Most reliable simulation results

  • By combining diverse simulation environments, put together and validated by our experts for 3GPP standardization and communication networks, users get realistic and reliable simulation results.

  • C-V2XSim uses a precise abstraction model of the 5G physical layer providing realistic, reliable and reproducible simulation results.
  • When starting a simulation run, several calculations are initiated in parallel to ensure high-quality simulation results.

Get started with C-V2XSim

B2B customers can use C-V2XSim to simulate various V2X scenarios. The simulation platform is not intended for consumers.


Here you get a quick insight into the possibilities of the simulation platform C-V2XSim.


  • Example scenario Rosenheim, Germany (test route from the testbed “Automotive”)
  • Predefined simulation run with 2D and 3D video animation
  • Demo reports

To start the demo click on “Sign in as a guest”.

Test account

If you want to run self-configured simulations, you have to register for a free test account.


After registration you will get the following possibilities:

  • Selection of different traffic scenarios (e.g. complex urban scenarios)
  • Trying out different configurations
  • Live simulations incl. download of the result reports
  • Possibility to compare different simulation runs incl. report

Premium offer

Contact us to use the full functionality of C-V2XSim.


  • Advanced configuration options
  • Implementation of individual traffic scenarios and routes
  • Adaptation and extension of usable performance indicators
  • On request: interface to C-V2XSim for the connection of an external simulator and 5G consulting

Extended functionality and interface to C-V2XSim

Our premium offer includes extended possibilities for parameterization of the simulations,
z. e.g. packet size, 5G QoS mode, antenna height, transmit power.

On request, we can also extend our simulator with a customer-specific interface to your simulator or an interface for the exchange of simulation data. This allows you to test, validate and further develop your own V2X software or specific algorithms under reproducible conditions:

  • Interface for exporting data from C-V2XSim for further use in an external simulator (open-loop simulation)
  • Interface for data exchange between C-V2XSim and external simulator (close-loop simulation)

Please contact us for more information.

Options for defining your V2X use cases

Easy use case parameterization

  • Traffic parameters:
    Up to 300 vehicles moving in one cell
  • Cellular network parameters:
    e.g. frequency band* and bandwidth
  • Use case specific parameters:
    e.g. size of data packets sent in uplink and downlink as well as QoS requirements

Detailed traffic configuration

  • Human and remote driving cars
  • Acceleration and deceleration, braking reaction and inter-vehicle distances
  • Pedestrian traffic
  • Traffic light control and prioritization of traffic directions
  • Different types of vehicles, like buses, taxis, cars and trucks

Selectable deployment scenarios

  • Urban scenario:
    driving on main streets, with roundabouts and complex crossings
  • High-speed scenario:
    driving on highways
  • Rural scenario:
    driving on country roads

* Coverage of the typical frequencies for 5G Standalone (SA): 1.8 GHz (n3 FDD), 2.1 GHz (n1 FDD), 3.6 GHz (n78 FDD)

First simulate, then test on the road


The simulation platform “C-V2XSim” contains selected test routes test bed “Automotive” in Rosenheim, Germany.

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