5G Bavaria Industry 4.0 Test Bed

Connected manufacturing

The 5G Industry 4.0 test bed at Fraunhofer IIS is an open environment for testing specific customer use cases in industry and logistics. It employs the latest mobile technology under real-life conditions in a stand-alone 5G campus network. 5G can considerably boost the performance of wireless connections in an industrial setting, thereby opening up new possibilities for implementing more complex and security-critical applications wirelessly. Testing applications with 5G early on accelerates the move toward fully connected, flexibly customizable production, assembly and logistics processes.

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5G-ACIA-endorsed testbed

Testing connected industrial applications with 5G

A realistic setting for the 5G Industry 4.0 test bed is provided by the interior and exterior facilities of the Test and Application Center L.I.N.K. at Fraunhofer IIS in Nürnberg, Germany. All outdoor, indoor and transition areas of the testing area are equipped with interlocking communication and positioning solutions. These make it possible to test a wide range of industrial applications in practical implementation scenarios.

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Real-time process control

5G enables the monitoring, analysis and control of processes in real time. Possible test scenarios are real-time closed-loop robotic control, edge analytics or remote emergency stops.

Use of automated guided vehicle systems (AGVs)

5G has the potential to serve as a communication medium for the central control, monitoring and coordination of AGVs or even drones and can thus help make inter- and intralogistics more automated and efficient. The test bed provides the appropriate infrastructure for testing corresponding application scenarios in practice.

Positioning of goods and transport vehicles

Precisely determining and transmitting position data of goods and transport vehicles helps further improve inter- and intralogistics processes. The positioning accuracy that can be achieved with 5G benefits from the integration of various positioning technologies that are available in the test bed.

Faster to market with the Industry 4.0 test bed

Companies, research institutions and universities can use the 5G Bavaria Industry 4.0 test bed to investigate how 5G can meet various industrial application requirements in real life. Those who stand to gain the most are manufacturing companies, positioning system providers, system integrators and telecommunications companies that need easy access to a 5G test infrastructure in order to put their solutions through their paces and ready them for market.

The time between the standardization of new 5G functionalities and their availability as commercial components can be used on the test bed to test new applications and prototypes. Fraunhofer IIS helps companies make better decisions when investing in new developments and systems.

Features of the Open RAN Campus

With the 5G Industry 4.0 test bed at Fraunhofer IIS, you have an isolated, private, state-of-the-art mobile network at your disposal:

  • Very high-quality measurement equipment for complex measurement campaigns
  • Flexible design for realistic mapping of production and logistics processes
  • Completely installed localization and positioning systems for the reproduction of test sequences
  • Ongoing development of the 5G test bed up to 3GPP Release 17 and beyond
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Infrastructure and equipment

  • Industrial facility with truck ramps and hall passage
  • Indoor area: 8 panel/MIMO antennas (of different heights), 2 mMIMO antennas for FR1 and 6 mMIMO antennas for FR2
  • Outdoor area: secured track and 4 panel/MIMO antennas for FR1
  • Office building: multistory building with offices and laboratories, equipped with 5G small-cell infrastructure and 20 omni/panel antennas for FR1 on two floors
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Radio access network (RAN)

  • Campus network (5G NR SA) with more than 50 radio units
  • Up to 100 MHz carrier bandwidth in the local frequency range between 3.7 and 3.8 GHz
  • Up to 400 MHz carrier bandwidth in the mm-wave range at 26 GHz and 28 GHz indoors
  • Indoor massive MIMO with support for beamforming
  • Virtualized OpenRAN architecture with open interfaces / APIs
  • Support of URLLC, IIoT and real-time localization applications (RTLS)
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Core network

  • Autonomous 5G core network (cloud-native)
  • Service-based architecture
  • Integrated cloud and edge computing
  • 3GPP-compliant network slicing
  • Open interfaces and APIs for raw data extraction and post-processing
  • Own SIM cards and eSIM support

Availability and use

If you wish to use it to test your applications, we would be happy to help you start planning and preparing your test scenarios and can draw up a bespoke proposal for test bed use.

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