Test and Application Center L.I.N.K.

Test and Application Center L.I.N.K.

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The Fraunhofer IIS new Test and Application Center L.I.N.K. bundles the flagship technologies positioning, identification, navigation and communication at its location in Nürnberg. L.I.N.K. offers the ideal combination of technological environment and true-to-life, application-oriented test conditions for the development of novel technologies and services.


True-to-life Research and Development

L.I.N.K. – a one of a kind symbiosis of practice and research:

  • Complex series testing
  • Combination of positioning and identification technologies
  • Reproducible environmental conditions
  • Transparent information acquisition by combining technologies, IT-structure and realistic process management
  • Optimization studies for the application of technology

Demonstration and Testing of Innovative Solutions


The L.I.N.K. center is the ideal environment to demonstrate to our partners and clients the full potential of our most recent developments. The center is available for hands-on testing for third parties.


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Test and Application Center L.I.N.K.
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