Evaluation of RTLS
Evaluation of RTLS

Test and Application Center L.I.N.K.

Positioning – identification – navigation – communication


In the »L.I.N.K. Test and Application Center« at its Nuremberg location, Fraunhofer IIS provides a realistic and application-oriented environment for developing, demonstrating and evaluating pioneering technologies and applications in the fields of positioning, identification, navigation and communication.

A unique blend of practical experience and research


In addition to a one-of-a-kind testing infrastructure, we offer our customers and partners the scientific expertise and practical experience of our engineers, computer scientists and management experts. To determine the best system for your specific application, we offer you a comprehensive technology appraisal – evaluating the appropriate technology, using it as the basis for services and processes and then rolling these out at your company. Through all this, the Test and Application Center L.I.N.K. is your gateway to a unique test environment: Under realistic conditions, you can test and evaluate cyber-physical systems, technology-based processes, Industrie 4.0 applications and much more, all without having to interfere with your own existing processes.



Reference and positioning systems / measurement equipment

Thanks to the various positioning systems already installed in the center, specific applications can be displayed and analyzed in various ways at one location. In addition to those systems, Fraunhofer IIS has a pool of volunteers to facilitate measurements of realistic and highly dynamic application situations.

To determine the technological approach that’s right for your company, you can make use of the center’s almost 1400 m² interior (44 m x 33 m x 9 m) and 10,000 m² of space outside – including a 100 m test run – and the following equipment:

3D positioning system

Enables fully automatic, highly reproducible measurements in the entire measuring volume of the facility with up to 1 m/s.

  • Fully automatic drive
  • > 8h test drives possible
  • Speed 1 m/s



Segway robot platform

Perform repeatable, dynamic measurements by automatically traversing fixed trajectories at up to 8.3 m/s.

  • Fully automatic drive
  • Doesn’t get tired
  • Speed up to 20 km/h


Drone platform

Take highly dynamic, automated, 3-dimensional measurements in the measuring volume of the facility.


Motion capture system for capturing 3-dimensional motion data from people or objects under dynamic and static conditions.

  • Measuring volume: approx. 20 m x 30 m
  • Measuring frequency: up to 300 Hz
  • Accuracy: < 10 mm

Laser-based 3D measuring system for high-precision determination of object positions.

  • Measuring volume: approx. 20 m x 30 m
  • Measuring frequency: 40 Hz
  • Accuracy: < 1 mm

Optical distance measuring system for the static determination of object positions.

  • Measuring volume: entire facility and outdoor area
  • Accuracy: 2 mm

Inertial measurement system for dynamic capture of accelerations and rotation rates in three dimensions.

  • Measuring volume: entire facility

Application-specific equipment

  • Industry-standard loading ramp
  • Surrounding gallery for attaching wireless systems
  • Power sockets that can be turned off centrally
  • Complete IT infrastructure
  • Ceiling beams with up to 50 kg load capacity
  • Large rolling doors for vehicle entry and exit
  • Truck and truck swap body
  • Outdoor area that can be integrated, approx. 100 m asphalt roadway
  • Ground marking and (induction loop) for autonomous transport systems

  • Forklift
  • Electric pallet truck
  • Mechanical pallet truck
  • Driverless transport system

  • Movable high-bay racks
  • Fully automatic flow racks

  • Movable walls for absorbing radio signals
  • Wireless systems installed for frequencies of 868 MHz and 1.9–5.8 GHz
  • Technologies for the wireless transmission of sensor data
  • Spectrum monitoring




  • Ball shooting machine
  • Puck shooting machine
  • Ice hockey goals
  • Soccer goal
  • Basketball hoops
  • Table tennis table
  • Various balls and markings

What we offer

Due to our many years of experience in the field of positioning and identification, we are the ideal partner for conducting independent evaluations and optimizing how you use the technology in your company. Fraunhofer IIS system evaluation provides you with objective proof of your system’s performance from an independent source. Create transparency and make your ideas come to life with tailored solutions from Fraunhofer IIS.


Measuring services

Objective performance verification of your positioning system according to a standardized procedure from an independent source.

5G test bed

Opportunity for companies to test 5G use cases under real conditions in an industrial environment with the Industrie 4.0 test bed as part of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy’s “5G Bavaria” initiative.


State-of-the-art test environments for Galileo receiver technologies and consulting services.


The L.I.N.K.Mobil enables measurements independent of location, which makes it possible to evaluate new types of wireless systems for communication and positioning.



Testing for Social Distancing Apps

Using complex test procedures, real distances for new social distancing apps are measured in order to guarantee precise data transmission.


VR in the cultural and event sector

Holodeck 4.0 resulted from a fusion of various positioning technologies developed at Fraunhofer IIS.


Validating wearables in basketball

The validation of commercial wearables enables optimum training and game control for athletes in the NBA.




R2D - Road to Digital Production

Driving forward the digitalization of industrial production processes through the development of a cyber-physical production system.


Schreibtrainer - intelligent handwriting support

AI-based signal processing helps improve handwriting automaticity, spelling and letter formation.


Sensors for boxing

Real-time measurements of the acceleration curve and speed of punches using specially developed miniaturized sensor technology in combination with sensor-based artificial intelligence.


HORIS - High-resolution radar systems for infrastructure

Realistic measurement data validation for behavioral prediction of pedestrians at bus stops

Measurement and evaluation of your positioning system

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